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DC Central Kitchen (DCCK) is a non-profit organization that fights hunger and crime simultaneously. Their fourteen week program teaches men and women who have been released from prison how to work in a kitchen, so they can get and keep a decent job. Recidivism rates are frighteningly high for ex-inmates, mostly because of the difficulty of finding and keeping a job for someone with a criminal record. DCCK tries to break that cycle by providing the skills and developing the work ethic necessary for a culinary career. By helping ex-criminals find honest work, they reduce crime and improve the economy. They also transform leftover food, donated by the hospitality industry, into new meals which are served at homeless shelters, schools, and other institutions.

Blogspot tells us that the first seven weeks of the program concentrate on kitchen basics: knife skills, memorizing types of sauces, telling if meat is done cooking. Then comes a four week internship, followed by three weeks of an assisted job search. Classes also include counseling, resume writing, and self-empowerment. Washington’s Community Supervision Officers work with DCCK and schedule probation meetings around class sessions. The recidivism rate for most ex-inmates is 75%. For DCCK graduates, it’s 2%. Three-quarters of the students successfully complete the class, and of the graduates, 77% have a job when they finish the program. Each class’ graduation is scheduled during the first week of the next class, to inspire incoming students.

The world of international business is one that has vastly grown in importance in recent decades. The expansion of world markets has effected all most of the world’s economies as well as people and investors all over the world. Many company officials have come to realize the importance of being in tune with emerging trends in business as well as having a good grasp of fundamental economic forces. Companies that are able to tap into all kinds of knowledge are companies that have been able flourish in the new world of international markets. The use of various tools can help this process greatly and aid all those who want to be able to both purchase from such companies and those who hope to be able to work with them.

One of the most successful of such international companies is Qnet. Founded over a decade ago by Malaysian businessman Vijay Eswaran, Qnet is a highly esteemed international company with offices all over the world. The company is presently headquartered in the Asian city of Hong Kong, an international business destination that allows company officials easy access to major Asian markets as well as the chance to tap into a skilled workforce of local employees who are capable and willing to work hard to help it succeed.

The focus of the company has always been on bringing the best possible products to their consumers. Clients today look for products that help them look and feel better as well as assist them in being able to do all the things they want to do on daily basis. At Qnet, company officials have worked hard to look for products and services that can deliver on the kind of wellness aims that people have all over the world. Their products are marketed in a way that emphasizes the needs of local residents.

Using techniques such as multi-level marketing, the company has been able to help create networks that provide people with access to products and services that serve their needs well. The company’s products range from items that have been shown to help provide daily nutrition to access to an upscale Asian resort that helps travelers relax and enjoy themselves. Their focus on niche products has paid off handsomely for both their clients and their employees. Employees of the company can sell their products with confidence, knowing they are providing them with a vital service.

General Electric is reportedly in talks to sell off its real estate that is estimated to be worth $30 billion. Two potential buyers were identified who may purchase large portions of the real estate portfolio; Blackstone and Wells Fargo, both who have excess loan capacity available for investment that they can quickly deploy for a purchase.

Igor Cornelsen ( has learned that General Electric’s stock price has still not recovered from the stock market recession of 2008 to 2009 and a major reason that has been holding back their stock has been the large overhang of financial assets that they own. General Electric is trying to become a more streamlined industrial conglomerate and has been spinning off or disposing of their non-industrial assets in an attempt to move in that direction. NBC was transferred into a company that is controlled by Comcast and a number of financial assets are being transferred into a newly formed entity that will be distributed to shareholders.

The sale of the real estate properties will create a large cash flow for General Electric and there has not been an announcement regarding what they intend to do with the proceeds from the sale. Economic analysts seem to believe that General Electric’s stock is understated in value with many attributing a higher target to the stock than its current share price. The property sale will remove some of the risks associated with the financial assets from the entity and provide a purer investment option for those looking for exposure to the industrial assets held by General Electric.

The computer control systems are advancing so far that we might be able to soon access tech with our minds. Post-Gazette said this is not just an idea for sometime in the future. The first steps have been made and a soft golden electrodes accumulation can stick to the ear to retrieve nerve impulses.

Right now, the electrodes can pick brain activity to determine whether a person is highly active and paying attention. The scientists who are working on the project direct their attention towards two groups: people who wear prosthetics and need easier ways to control them, and the nerds who manipulate machines and could boost their activity with the help of a brain-reading device. During 80 years the brain activity has been analyzed after electroencephalograms, with electrodes stuck to the heads.

The new system that has been developed imitates the technique, but is much smaller, aesthetically better, and its grip lasts for 14 days- even when swimming or sleeping on it. It uses the van der Waals interaction- an electric force that helps it stay put without additional substances that can create skin irritation. The group of scientists work at expanding the brain-computer interface’s functions and speed.

Parrot Action responded strongly to the announcement of 2014 results that reflect a business upturn at the end of the year. For 2015 the group aims to accelerate growth and improve income. It is not only Parrot that has returned to growing patterns late last year, but the fourth quarter of 2014 ended with a record turnover for various companies. Thanks to the strong acceleration (170%) of sales of drones, which more than offset the decline in automobile sales, the quarter’s revenue reached €80.4 million. This was actually the largest upswing in sales since the creation of Parrot.

Over the full year the group, founded by Henri Seydoux, recorded 243.9 million euros in sales, up 4% compared to 2013. The drones, both public and professional versions, represent 34% of business activity. The predominance of automobile sales has decreased (from 69% to 55% of total sales) but it remains the largest for Parrot, which was a pioneer in the development of so-called “infotainment” technologies for the automotive industry.

At the end of the fourth quarter the group took note of the time required for the emergence of new models of connected vehicles stated Brad Reifler in a recent article. They began strategic review of past business to identify the best conditions in terms of timing and demographics, and they hope that this will ensure the continued development of its portfolio of products and customers.

It is no surprise that people adore Netflix. In fact, the popular video streaming service published statistics to show just how much people love Netflix. A statement released in a tweet from Netflix US on April 8, 2015 indicated that “Netflix members watched 10 billion hours last quarter. That’s about 905,892,833 seasons of House of Cards.”

To be clear, Netflix defines a quarter as three months. Just to reiterate, Netflix members watched 10 billion hours of movies, TV series, and documentaries in a three month period. In the most recently released data, Netflix has roughly 57 million subscribers. Flavio Maluf said that if you do the math and go one step further, that would mean that each subscriber, on average is streaming approximately two hours every night.

Streaming is on an increase from where it was situated last year at nearly 6.5 billion hours during the first quarter. Going back two years to 2013, streaming was positioned at 4 billion hours in the first quarter.

The proof is in the pudding; a number as high as 10 billion hours suggests that people are using streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu to replace high priced cable packages. Just recently cable media companies have noticed a significant decrease in customer retention. Viacom announced profound cuts to their business, presumably due to their inability to maintain customer retention. Many of the retention issues are subject to the increasing popularity of these streaming services.

Computers are getting smaller with every passing generation. In fact, they are probably at the point where they are about as small as is practical. While smartphones and tablets have their uses, completely functional computers still need to be big enough for there to be full-sized keys for us to type on. A bigger screen can also be a help at times. Igor Cornelsen has learned that the biggest development in Laptops and notebooks over the next few years will be cramming ever more power and functionality into their slight form factors.

Intel is coming out with a little gizmo that actually turns computer size expectations and possibilities on their head. It is a computer that is on a USB stick. It transforms any relatively modern monitor that comes with an HDMI port into a computer. It plugs into the monitor, and this device also has a USB port itself that you can then plug a keyboard into, which gives you the major functionality of a full computer. All you need is a monitor and keyboard, and this little gizmo becomes the ultimate in portability for computing that you can take with you anywhere. Laptops and notebooks still give you functionality in the form of a monitor and keyboard that are integrated in to a small package that you can use while on the go. However, this little gadget will be useful for someone who may like to work on a big monitor at work and have one at home as well, and this gives them a computer to carry in their pocket between the two.

Visualize for a moment a pair of human eyes. They are in retrospect, designed to help humans and other animals understand the environment around them. When you combine the fields of neuroscience and technology you have a basis for what is deemed as “AI” or artificial intelligence. Furthermore, it is important to note that the field of AI is changing constantly. In fact, image recognition is a multidisciplinary field that involves software and technologies that can learn for themselves. This article touches on the “understanding” of this and how it has affected the world we live in today. This includes innovative companies such as Slyce.

Image Recognition

Comprehension of objects that you find in front of you this very moment rely on several neurological factors. As you look and recognize particular objects with your eyes, you are able to (under standard circumstances) describe the objects without much effort. Similar to this, image recognition has these capabilities. Although, this technology is in its infancy. This means that there is more to be discovered. One of the newest innovations include the combination of artificial intelligence and image recognition software. These two disciples have created a technological hybrid that can not only describe single objects but entire pictures. This is important because the computer can acquire information more in-depth for itself.

Artificial Intelligence

There are many technologies that have adopted different aspects of artificial intelligence to make the lives of billions of people simpler. AI has the capability to help meteorologist comprehend weather patterns better than it has been ever before. Moreover, there are several companies who have taken keen attention this powerful field. This includes retail and major companies that have used this technology to help their customers shop more effortlessly. Not only does this help generate more business for these companies, but it has further capabilities. This can help companies to use software and other applications for an updated shopping experience.


Capturing a picture on a smart phone and having the most accurate information about it is a very helpful tool. This is one distinguishing advancement that has been noticed by the company Slyce. They have several tools that are currently being used by major companies and distributors. One of the tools available through this company is product image recognition. It is used to acquire more info about existing products. The customer can capture a photo of a product with a mobile device and the application describes it in detail. The results that are given are through a V.R (visual-relevant) engine. This increases the accuracy of information used for merchandise attributes.


Image recognition and artificial intelligence are changing the world. In addition, it has capabilities to eventually enter further into other important sectors. This includes the medical field and smaller virtual companies. The advances that have been made are only the beginning of such technologies. However, the progress that has been made has changed the way we experience many of our day-to-day activities.

Edward Snowden’s lawyers are working overtime to get Snowden back home, but a group of artists working at night brought his image to Brooklyn recently. Edward Snowden’s bust is sitting on a column in the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument section of Fort Green Park.

Flavio Maluf even says that the artists responsible for the bust want to remain anonymous, but one of them said his group put the bust in that spot because there is significance and meaning as well as a feeling of reverence toward the people buried there. Prison Ship Martyrs Monument is dedicated to the 11,000 American prisoners of war who lost their lives aboard British ships during the Revolutionary War.

Snowden’s story is a continuation of that story, which began at the inception of this country, according to the artist. The tribute to Snowden represents the idea that American should be able to live freely without unnecessary surveillance or interference from the government. Freedom of expression loses its meaning if government agencies are watching every move, according to the artist.

The three artists did such a good placing the bust in the park that the people walking passed it didn’t notice any unusual additions. One artist said, “The bust seems to fit in this place, and we are happy to be a part of this ongoing story.”

2015 is sure to be the year when online privacy and ad blocking hit the mainstream. This growing trend is becoming quite a concern for the online advertising industry. Two advertising groups in France are even suing the makers of AdBlockPlus. Good luck there guys.

A lot of the push back can be attributed to over saturation of advertisements online. With hundreds of billions of dollars to be made every year, publishers are trying to sneak ads in any way that they can. People have developed banner blindness over time, a condition where they don’t even consciously recognize advertisements anymore.

The NSA is probably also to blame. Alexei Beltyukov suggests their online data mining operations have left consumers feeling less than safe with their private information online. More people are hunkering down and attempting to protect their privacy in any way possible, including cutting all ties to tracking and advertising organizations.

Some reports claim ad blocking is up nearly 70% between 2013 and 2014. Most people only use ad blocking software to remove ads, although there are some that use them for performance and privacy as well. This growth is most significant in the 18 to 29 age group with males leading the way.