Dick DeVos The Mastermind Behind Windquest Group

Dick DeVos was born in October 21st 1995. He is the eldest son to Richard DeVos, the co-founder of Amway. The Amway is a privately owned company, which works as a network sales firm. The private co-operation specializes in distributing the health, household together with personal care products through its dealers. The dealers then recruit second level dealers, the second dealers establish third level dealers until the final consumer is accessed.


Dick DeVos has worked in Amway Corporation holding different positions. He began working at Amway Corporation in the year 1974, ten years later he was promoted to the position of Vice President of the firm’s activities in 18 countries around the world. The job as the Vice President, would enable him gain more experience outside of the family owned company. Dick left Amway Corporation in 1989 and decided to start his own business venture, The Windquest Group. The business specialized in the production and sales of storage and closet organizers. Dick went back to Amway Corporation as President where he was able to succeed his father in 1993. During his tenure as President at Amway Corporation, Dick oversaw a lot of projects meant to restructure the Amway Corporation. The restructure of Amway Corporation was done in the year 2000. During Dick’s time as President, Alticor Corporation was established; this acted as the umbrella firm. The firms that were covered by Alticor Corporation include the Amway Corporation, the Access Business Group and the Quixtar Corporation. The restructuring of Amway Corporation enabled it to expand its activities to over 50 countries and territories in six continents.


Dick DeVos quit his job as President in 2002, to concentrate on his business venture the Windquest Group. He also developed political interest at that time, and in 2006 he decided to run for the seat of governor of Michigan State as Republican candidate. The wealthy background of Dick DeVos was a huge boost to his campaign.


He is married to Elizabeth Betsy DeVos, they have established the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. The Foundation has participated in donating a lot of dollars meant to support different activities such as educational, community, religious, artistic and free-market economic organizations since its establishment in 1990. The foundation has also taken part in arts funding, the Dick and DeVos Foundation was reported to have contributed 22.5 million dollars to support the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management. The institute was then renamed to DeVos Institute of Arts Management, arts managers together with board members are offered practical training at the institute.

Eric Pulier & His Mission

Eric Pulier to many people, is a revolutionary. If you’re unfamiliar with the name then you may be asking yourself why or how? Mr. Pulier has had his hand in just about every successful thing under the sun. Being such a “savvy jack of all trades,” Pulier has worked in a number of business sectors such as government, science, technology, and public speaking. This native New Jersey genius is what we call a forward thinker. He’ll come up with a plan and will then personify it. The 1988 Harvard Graduate has founded over 15 companies during his life and all have made a difference in people’s lives whether if it was for personal or business relations. Check out some of the impressive accolades below:

  • Director/Co0Founder of Media Platform,Inc
  • Co-Founder/Chairman of US Interactive, Inc
  • Founder of Digital Evolution
  • XPRIZE Innovation Board Member
  • Co-Founder of Service Mesh, Inc
  • vAtomic Systems, Inc
  • And many more

Everything that Mr. Pulier does has meaning, is practical, and for a purpose. There is no wasted space here. He was the top honoree at the 2010 US Doctor’s for Africa Benefit Event. Being held in New York City, many paid donors attended the event and honored him for his excellence in Technology Innovation. The healthcare needs of many Africans have been changed for the better from his solutions and his technical endeavors have come up with many solutions for physically impaired children and disadvantaged communities. As you can see, pulier is all over the board, but this only scratches the surface.

The ingenuity of this guy is amazing as he showcased a live feed from the space shuttle that gave real-time information. Now astronauts could be tracked and communicated much better from the ways of the past. Being a board member of the Center for Telecommunications Management, Eric Pulier has helped build communities that were in need.

In-a-sense, Eric Pulier is an unsung hero when compared to Hollywood celebrities, but his impact on society is far greater than anything Hollywood can produce.

The Midas Legacy Can Help You Redifine Success

How do you measure success? If you are like most people, success is determined by the amount of money you have in the bank or the number of cars parked in your driveway. While those are certainly common benchmarks for success they may not be the only indicators of what success truly is.

In fact, when measuring success many people forget to measure how happy and healthy they are. If The Midas Legacy has anything to say health and happiness will become a major factor in how to measure success.

The Winter Garden, Florida-based company does not only focus on the financial areas of their client’s lives but also on the physical and mental areas as well.

The Midas Legacy is an advisory group the helps investors better manage their wealth, entrepreneurs improve their business and those people who want to become healthier and happier. In short, the are ready to help those people who are striving to reach peak success.

With a roster of experts, The Midas Legacy offers its members solid, actionable advice that they can start using immediately to improve every aspect of their lives.

With experts like Jim Samson,an investor and real estate businessman, you can learn the secrets to becoming a better investor and really get the inside scoop on building and managing wealth.

Sean Bower is a financial journalist who is also one of the Midas Legacy experts who are at your disposal. His years of reporting on the financial markets give him a wealth of knowledge that he is eager to share with you to help you make better financial decisions.

Another expert the Midas Legacy offers to their members is Mark Edwards. He is an expert in natural health strategies that will keep you in peak physical health and conditioning. Let’s face it, all the money in the world is useless if you do not have the health to enjoy it. No on wants to be the richest person in the graveyard.

By focusing on all areas of the human condition, the Midas Legacy offers something unique to all its members. Their entire mission is to get you living the life that you have always wanted. They want you to be healthy, happy and wealthy.

A Grand Adventure from Lovaganza

The world is a vast, complex place, with a truly spectacular range of unique and amazing cultures. It seems like an impossible feat to represent them in a form that encompasses all of them in a way that is spectacular, immersive, entertaining, all while doing all them justice. And yet, in 2020, Lovaganza will do just that.

Lovaganza is an entertainment company specializing in the new, increasingly impressive technologies available to filmmakers to present truly spectacular films with meaning. Currently, they are putting this to use with their newest campaign, called “Embarking on a Bohemian Adventure”, is an ambitious effort to show all the world’s culture through new glassesless 3D technology, their new Immerscope™ film viewing technology on designideas.pics, hands on exhibits and more. And, to top it off, it will take place eight cities around the world.

But this event is hardly the end of it. Lovaganza cannot simply present these excellent tributes so suddenly. No, they will present so much more. A trilogy of films are currently being crafted for all audiences. These three films will debut in 2017, and will be shown in theaters all across the world. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. The innovative glassesless 3D technology that this group is making its signature will also be utilized in another way. Their trilogy, as well as a brief glimpse of their main show, will be presented in cities all around the world in the form of an elaborate, spectacular traveling show, giving audiences all around the world the opportunity to see just what this group has in store for them.

Lovaganza traveling show will feature live action film, animation, hands on exhibits and more, all showcasing the diverse cultures of the world, and will lead into their main show at the eight flagship locations.

And, if you have a busy schedule, fear not. For the grand festival that is the Bohemian Adventure on Tumblr, while time limited, has a running time of four months. More than enough time for all those who seek a grand adventure around the world to find the time to visit.

Brian Bonar and Building His Small Empire

San Diego is a mecca of fine dining restaurants. The choices there are limitless and the variety is great. Brian Bonar is a known businessman and wanted to take advantage of the San Diego restaurant scene. He had an idea to create a small restaurant empire and he wanted to do it in the greater San Diego area.

To start off his small restaurant empire idea, he opened a bistro called Bellamy’s. Bellamy’s is located in the old Tango restaurant and was renamed when Brian Bonar purchased the location. Once purchased, the transformations began.

One of Brian Bonar’s favorite restaurants was doing a major overhaul. They were changing the entire look and feel of the place. Bonar was able to step in and hire some of their staff. Two of the key employees he was able to hire were Trevor Da Costa, a front man, and Mike Reidy, a cook. Mike Reidy was elevated to executive chef at Bellamy’s.

To take Bellamy’s up another notch, Brian brought in Patrick Ponsaty as Master Chef. He holds the title of Master Chef of France. There are only two people in all of San Diego who hold this title and Patrick Ponsaty is one of them. Together Ponsaty and Reidy have created an extraordinary menu that customers are raving about. The foods have a strong French influence and they have taken old favorites and added their own twist to it. It is rare that someone leaves this restaurant hungry or unsatisfied.

In addition to the food being impeccable, the staff is just as amazing. They are all very well trained on all the dishes that are served and can describe them in great detail. The staff and the food combined make dining at Bellamy’s a worthwhile experience.

The second step in Brian Bonar’s restaurant empire will be an upscale 4-star restaurant. He purchased a 144-acre lot in Bandy Canyon and wants to make it one of the best restaurants and event spaces in San Diego. He has brought in and trained the right people and they will take his restaurants far.

Brian Bonar is a man of many talents and he wants to use those talents to create great restaurants. Brian Bonar has degrees in Technical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and has designed and launched many restaurants. He is doing well expanding on his resume and the future looks bright for him and his small empire.

The Amazing Work of the New York-Based Humanitarian Activist

Keith Mann is an expert in hedge fund compensation, hiring and staffing strategies. Keith Mann has climbed ranks in Dynamic Associates a company that he worked for 15 years. He is the co- founder and the managing director of Dynamic Search Partners. The company is based in New York and has been functional since 2001. It focuses on alternative investment arena. It is known to provide executive search services as well as staffing for the farms. It has a track record of meeting clients’ needs and so far has served over 2,000 clients including private equity funds and hedge funds.

In 2002, Keith Mann launched a company known as Alternative Investment Practice. It was after he noticed a gap in the fast growing hedge fund industry that was underserved. After 4 year the Practice was expanded to join the private equity industry. Animal Liberation Front.com is a movement that seeks to guard animal rights. Keith Mann is a member and has been in the forefront, making great sacrifices for the total liberation of animals. IN 2016 May, Keith Mann went against all odds to rescue 40 animals that were trapped in Fort MacMurray.

The humanitarian and animal activist
Keith Mann has established a close relationship with the New York police. He has made contributions and has supported the police in times of violence and protests. He says that any violence that is directed towards the police is close to home since his uncle is in Staten Island serving as a detective. In January 2015, Keith Mann and his wife Keely Mann sent the 54th street Precinct lunch as a symbol of their support. A repeat of the same was done in February 2015. He has condemned any violence that is directed towards the police in all ways possible.

Keith Mann has also done a commendable job in driving Dynamic Search Partner in the fundraising event that target raising funds for the uncommon schools. The event saw the financial service members raise $22,000 for the schools. Students have received scholarships from the funds. The funds ensure that low-income students are not left out in the education field. The partnership has been in existence since 2013.

Sanjay Shah Is A Family Man, First and Foremost

This is not to take anything away from the accomplishments of Sajay Shah, which are very impressive and noteworthy. It is not every day that someone starts their own business in Solo Capital as the CEO and founder and it succeeds and grows the way his company has. It is not every day that a man used to be practicing medicine and decides to walk away from it when they realize it is not their path in life. This is the same Sanjay Shah Denmark that worked as an accountant for some of the biggest investment banks out there in Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley. More important than all of that is his family.

It is safe to say he would do anything to help his family and make their lives a little bit easier. He would move mountains and go above and beyond to help his family. He loves them more than anything in the world. That is why him and his wife Usha have devoted so much time, energy, and resources to Autism Rocks, which was started in 2004. It is an event that features music from some of the top performers in the industry, games, and other ways to keep the whole family having a good time. It also raises donations for research into autism. It is a brilliant idea and it comes from a brilliant man.

Past performs at the event include such big names as the late, great Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Bublè and Drake. This year, Sanjay  wife has mentioned she is looking for a more youthful vibe and to appeal to the younger crowd. The more they know about autism, the better understanding there can be for children with autism. That is why Flo Rida and Tyga are going to be performing at this year’s event. So far, they have raised over £600,000 at this event.

Even more than that, they have made people’s lives a little bit easier and given them something to smile about and they have given them some positivity at a time when they need it the most.

Find out more about Sanjay Shah :


Wealth Wave Launched by Expert Jim Hunt

Wealth Wave is a groundbreaking new product in the financial world. Jim Hunt, the creator, is a part of VTA Publications as an advisor. He is an expert in investing who says that you can benefit from market crashes no matter who you are. He calls the information product the Wealth Wave because he compares the strategy to surfing in the ocean.

“It’s all in the timing,” he says on Twitter. You need to catch the wave just right and ride it all the way to a successful outcome. He clears up a common misconception with money when the market crashes.

Jim Hunt doesn’t feel that people should doubt their investments in successful financial products just because they lack knowledge about the market. That’s why he created this product to educate people in an easy manner via a DVD. The instructions are clear and step-by-step. Even though they are simple, the company still offers in-depth service to answer any questions that people have. Their goal is to ensure that people understand how the market works in the first place. This lays the foundation for further knowledge and success.

What Wealth Wave does that is unique is it looks for warning signs that the market is unstable. This indicates it is about to crash. This allows their investors and students to leverage the change and potentially become millionaires. If history is any indicator, a few people will make millions in 2016 and 2017 by following the method, according to Jim Hunt.

VTA Publications

This company puts out elearning courses for nonfiction markets. They also do catering and organization for events and seminars. They book people and act as agents for seminars and events in the industry as well.

They were founded 2012 and since then have accumulated thousands of happy customer everywhere in the world. VTA Publications prides itself on offering superior customer service and putting out information digitally through courses and articles, as well as physically. They find the world’s best experts like Jim Hunt and use their knowledge to teach people about wealth.

George Soros And His Political Contributions

In the current political climate, rumors tend to spread quickly, running through news websites and on televised reports so quickly that no one has a chance to even catch their breath, let alone double check on the authority of the sources behind them. One recent rumor that has spread like wildfire has to do with left-learning billionaire George Soros. In this rumor, Soros has the deep pockets behind funding for the “Black Lives Matter” movement. The only trouble is, there isn’t any truth behind this much-reported story.

A recent story in “The Daily Beast” dissected the background behind the Black Lives Matter rumor and found no base for the much-repeated story of George Soros funding the movement and its associated protests. All this, despite its being reported on major media including Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor.”

The rumors regarding Soros’ supposed funding of several Black Lives Matter political protests (which disrupted speeches by both Jeb Bush and Bernie Sanders) have been repeated so much they are reaching the level of conspiracy theories, and they even include a specific number ($33 million) which Soros supposedly paid in funding for the organization.

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According to Ken Zimmerman, who is the director of U.S.programs at Soros’ Open Society Foundation, there is nothing to the rumors, and he is at a loss to even reconstruct how the rumors got started. Soros’ Open Society Foundation is involved with funding an array of broad issue charities, including funding for the Drug Policy Alliance, but again, it has not directly funded Black Lives Matter at https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros.

Zimmerman also pointed out that there isn’t really any way to directly fund a group like Black Lives Matter, which right now is a rather amorphous political movement, and he is at a loss to understand how anyone got the idea that George Soros and his Foundation did. He also made it clear that Soros is most definitely not in the business of paying for political protests.

New Product Unveiled by ClassDojo

One of the most important aspects of a child’s development is their education. While it is the kids that spend all of the time in the classroom, most parents want to be as involved in the educational process as possible. Unfortunately, this is often very challenging for a parent that has to hear all information from their child as opposed to the teacher.

In order to bridge the communication gap, many parents, teachers, students, and school districts could take advantage of the services and products available through Class Dojo. Class Dojo is an online platform that aims to connect parents to teachers and school administration. The communication platform will work off an application that can be used on any tablet or smartphone device. Some of the services that the platform and application can provide can include the ability to read teacher reviews of syllabus each day, a list of homework assignment due and upcoming tests, school schedule, and even up to date grades. This will help to ensure that all parents are fully aware of how exactly each student is doing and will create a positive culture with classrooms and schools.

Class Dojo has recently unveiled a new product and application that will continue to enhance the educational and school experience for all students.

For example, after a student has completed an assignment, drawn a picture, or written a story, they will be able to take a picture of what they have created and have it uploaded directly to the website. This will then allow a parent to see the assignment real time to ensure that they are aware of what their child is learning in class.

This technology will likely expand in the coming years as Class Dojo will look for new ways to use the video and picture uploading technology. One way that they could use it would be by uploading homework assignments to a teacher from a phone of tablet. The teacher will then have an electronic copy handy at all times. This will help to reduce the reliance on paper while also ensuring better record keeping.


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