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Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will be released this summer as a free download. It will be available in 111 languages and in 190 countries. Windows 10 will be free to all users of Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 for its first year.

Windows 10 will include a variety of new features and users will be able to load it on all kinds if devices. Windows 10 will also get rid of some old features like Internet Explorer. It will offer a new browser called Spartan that won’t come with the code that had made Microsoft’s earlier browsers slow. Windows 10 will also come with a new version of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft has also created some new features for gamers. Marc Sparks said people using Windows 10 will be able to play against people using Xbox One.

Some PC companies have already pledged to help their clients get the new operating system. For example, Lenovo in China will offer free technical services to guide their customers through all the changes. Lenovo customers will be able to contact any of 2,500 service centers for this service.

Microsoft is said to be offering the new upgrade for free as a result of all the piracy of earlier updates in China. The company will even offer the upgrades to people who got their old software through sharing it or downloading it.

The Company
The Antique Wine Company (ACW) is a London based wine merchant that was founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams. Williams turned his sights into the wine business after his work as a life insurance salesman collapsed. The company specializes in selling fine and rare wines. ACW is especially renowned for its rich collection of great wine that dates back many years. Antique Wine Company also provides a number of services including cellar planning, sourcing rare wines and offering private wine master classes. Wine cellars are normally held in private residences, chateaux, hotels and palaces worldwide. According to The Sunday Times of the UK, in 2010, the Antique Wine Company recorded a turnover of about £20 million, with a small staff of 15 people.

ACW history
According to, the most notable events in the company’s history include winning the contract to supply a 70-year old vintage wine for the birthday of former US president, George H.W. Bush in 1994. This is in addition, to the acquisition of the oldest and most valuable 1787 Chateau d’Yquem in 2016, at a record cost of £55,000. In 2012, AWC expanded its forays into the Asian market by establishing its presence in the Philippines.

Wine color and flavor
When it comes to wine tasting, the color of wine says a lot of things about the age and flavor of the wine. According to a CNN ireport, AWC uses sophisticated techniques to establish the true age of a wine. Some of the popular techniques include utilizing ion beams and particle accelerators to get the actual age of a bottle of wine and the wine inside. In a typical scenario a young wine will have a purple-ish red color, which reflects the fruit colors that went into the wine preparation. A wine that has aged properly, on the other hand, usually changes color to garnet-red or ruby. A wine that is well-aged, say 25-years old often produces the best flavor because this is the height of maturity. The oldest wines normally change color to red-brown after peaking up.

AWC Overview
AWC is uniquely positioned a step above its peers in the international wine merchants business, due to its superb customer service relations, strong brand and long standing sourcing experience. The company’s substantial stock holding and extensive support infrastructure places it in a position to provide a more personalized service with high levels of efficiency.

Silicon Valley has the image of being the Mecca for rags to riches glory for young entrepreneurs. It is a well-earned reputation from the likes of William “Bill” Redington Hewlett, David “Dave” Packard, and the late Steven Jobs. However, it turns out that the valley has a dark side much the same as Wall Street investment banks. While the former is blamed for their role in the 2008 banking crisis and the adverse effect it has placed on the lifetime earnings of millennials, Silicon Valley may be just as bad.

Silicon Valley is not producing good paying jobs for workers. Rather, they are creating the automation to replace existing jobs. Currently, a little better than 1 in 3 millennials have a job paying at least $45,000/yr. That is the lowest level since before the boom. Alexei Beltyukov (  has learned that,  in addition, one in five millennials is employed earning less than $25,000 a year. This too is the worst since before the boom. At the same time, companies in Silicon Valley are posting record earnings during the meteoric rise in the stock market. While a person might think this would cause them to spread the wealth and engage in a hiring boom of good employment, it is not the case.

Take for instance Facebook. Its billionaire founder Mark Zuckerberg is a big proponent of a lowering the work week from 40 hours a week to 30. Why? Well, it isn’t to give workers more time to enjoy life. It is to avoid having to provide health care benefits and to further suppress employee wages.

According to the story on, I would not expect to see the hit 90’s show Seinfeld coming to any streaming services soon. Last week major streaming video on demand companies such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, were in a bidding war with each other to win the rights to the television show. Currently, the rights to the show are up to $90 million, which breaks down to a little over $500,000 per episode. That is an insane amount of money for just a television show. As of now, no company has decided to take that deal.

Seinfeld was a show that was hugely popular in the 90’s. Jason Halpern says the popularity of the show continued after it ended through syndication however the price tag may not be worth it for the streaming companies in the bidding war. Many people in the older generations still have a fondness for the show. However, younger generations, who are the primary users of streaming services, have not been exposed to it and therefore would be less likely to seek it out. Not only could the generational gap be an issue, Seinfeld is still shown in syndication on cable. Many who have cable can just choose to watch it on television when they want, which is not beneficial to a streaming video on demand service that just dropped $90 million for the rights.

If your child engages in very little physical activity now, the chances are he or she will become a couch potatoe by the time they reach middle age. Not a goal many kids would place on their list of things they want to be when they grow up.

The findings of a British study suggests that inactive kids grow up to become inactive adults. The way to change the outcome in mid-life is to change things during childhood. By becoming more active while young, chances are the person will remain active into adulthood and on into middle age and beyond.

The study reveals that a typical family settles down in front of the television set after the evening meal. BusinessInsider said there the members of the family remain inactive for most of the evening hours. Developing a habit of going for a family walk after the evening meal will change the course the children are on towards becoming a mid-life couch potato and help the whole family become healthier.

Dr. Lee Smith, who co-authored the British study, suggests that if you can’t go outside, try interactive games on the television or computer. Anything that gets people up and expending energy is better than sitting down and snacking and will help prevent a mid-life couch potato from developing.

Yahoo has a new service for sending you your lost password. The new service creates new single-use passwords for your Yahoo email whenever you sign in that can be sent to your mobile device. The idea being that you would create a normal password that is exceptionally difficult to crack (maybe you don’t even know it yourself), and then use the single-use long on whenever you need to get access to your account remotes. It’s a super-secure idea that could prevent hackers from getting into your email without your knowledge.

The way it works is pretty single. When you decide to log on to your Yahoo account from another device, you’ll ask Yahoo to generate a password. The password will be texted to your phone, and is good for one use before it expires. That means that even if you lose your phone, a hacker won’t be able to see the text and log onto your Yahoo account, although they would be able to see your email on the device if you opted to stay always logged in through the app.

The new secure log on feature is currently only available in the United States stated Dr Jennifer Walden, however, we could certainly see it head to other countries in the future as well.

Sooner or later it had to happen. Google has officially announced they will review all the apps you want on Google Play, before offering them to users.

It is something that Apple adopted early on in its App store, and while Google has been reluctant to carry it out, they have finally given in due to the abuses that commonly occur.

Thus far, Susan McGalla said that in order to publish an app on Google Play the developer had to fill in a questionnaire about their content, age rating, etc. and you had to agree to respect the rules of engagement.

If the forms are correct, the app is published in Google Play, without checking. Of course, Google performs continuous scans, and if it detects an app that contains prohibited information its erased.

This has led to embarrassing episodes like an app in Google Play that you could download to kill gays, and many others that encouraged violence against women and other minorities, and were not suitable for certain ages.

Now Google Play will review all apps before publishing , rejecting those that do not meet their standards.

The review of apps is definitely going to raise issues between those who saw Google Play like a free market where anyone could publish apps. But the reality is that the Google app store is full of apps that are useless, full of spam or, and in many cases, even violate the rights of people.

Now there is a filter to prevent this type of content from being published on Google Play.

Communicating with others around the world is now easier than ever. People have found that they can use the internet to speak with people in nearly any country on the planet. They have also found that is possible to share what they know with others in many varied ways. They can start a group online, seek out others who live in their country online and even write articles about subjects online. Writing online articles has many advantages. By doing so, someone is able to share their passion for a specific area of interest, find out more information about a specific subject and even improve their writing skills.

One of the best places to write articles is via the website known as Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that has articles that have been written by users from around the world. This site offers people the chance to read articles on nearly any subject imaginable. Most articles posted here are written to help laypeople enhance their understanding of the basic knowledge of varied subjects. Anyone who has such knowledge can choose to write articles on the site. This allows them to help share their base of understanding with millions of other people who turn to the articles as a source of info when doing a search online for a specific subject.

Writing articles on the site is both simple and complicated. Writing Wikipedia articles is simple in that anyone can register at Wikipedia and begin posting articles. It is more complicated because all Wikipedia writers must agree to adhere to certain highly detailed guidelines and a stated style manual that has multiple parts. All posted articles are expected to adhere to this desired style in order to remain on the site.

Perhaps the most important aspect of any article posted at this site is that it is as neutral as possible in tone. Neutrality is a goal that means that all articles do not push forward a specific point of view. Instead, each article presents the facts as known at the present time and only such facts. The reader is able to turn to Wikipedia knowing that they will be presented with facts and can use them to rely on when they are searching for accurate information about a given topic. In this way, articles posted on Wikipedia remain reliable and free of bias, enabling them to be used in research.

If all of this is over your head, you can always take the easy way out – contact GetYourWiki to write your page.


The number of people receiving unemployment benefits stands at the lowest level beating out the rate of 25% which was set in September 1984. Currently, only 23% of those who are unemployed receive unemployment benefits. This is due to reform measures by red states to curtail long-lasting unemployment benefits. Modern day conservatism is based on the principle of thrift and self-sufficiency. GOP governors and legislatures were concerned that endlessly extending jobless benefits for the unemployed was giving many people a powerful incentive to not work. In the aftermath of the 2008 banking crisis, congress extended jobless benefits to 99 weeks for many chronically unemployed. The GOP-dominated House of Representatives finally succeeded at scuttling any further extension of jobless benefits to 99-weeks. As of January 2014, long-time extensions of federal benefits were no longer authorized.

At the same time, states began to chip away at the standard 26-week basic unemployment benefit extension noted Flavio Maluf. A combination of their efforts along with Congress has led to a historically low unemployment recipiency rate. Not coincidentally, many of those people have since found employment. Last year, the economy created a net 2.4 million jobs. By some estimates, the expiration of extended jobless benefits accounted for over two million of those net jobs created. Still, there are millions of other chronically unemployed workers. Those who quit their jobs or get terminated for cause are ineligible. Likewise, college graduates unable to find work are also ineligible.

The YotaPhone 2 is headed to the United States. YotaPhone is a dual display smart phone that has a traditional color screen on the front, and an e-ink display on the back. Since the e-ink display takes considerably less battery power to operate, the idea for the screen is that you might load it with something you’d like to continuously view that you don’t need to color. For instance, you might use the screen to show your grocery list while you’re at the store, or to display a map while you’re walking around town.

No mobile carriers sell the YotaPhone which makes it slightly difficult to get in the United States. However, in a recent interview, the maker of the YotaPhone has indicated that the second version of the phone will be available in the United States through IndieGoGo later this year, priced around $600. A user video of the product can be viewed on YouTube. That’s a little cheaper than you can currently buy the first version in the United Kingdom. There, the phone currently runs 600 pounds, which equates to roughly $917.