Global Logistics Solution Provision by IAP Worldwide Services

For more than 60 years, IAP Worldwide provides an array of global-scale logistics, mission support services, management, and technical services to the international agencies. In other words, IAP Worldwide engages the unexpected ranging from natural disaster to emergency cleanup services.

Leveraging their extensive experience during disasters such as Katrina and Sandy, IAP Worldwide Services specializes in mission support and emergency power generation during Hurricane Matthew in FEMA Regions IV and V. IAP Worldwide partnered with East Coast to deploy disaster cleanup professionals in areas such as Orlando, Florida, Fort Bragg, and North Carolina. As such, its contribution towards local recovery was significant. Besides, IAP Worldwide also provided support in the form of communication systems, emergency power, labor, and mission support amenities. Through constant communication with the U.S. Government and international agencies to prepare for the hurricane, IAP Worldwide provided logistical support to regions IV and V. IAP Worldwide Services’ quality services were instrumental to the evacuation of residents living near IAP’s Cape Canaveral Office. Through concerted recovery efforts, IAP Worldwide worked round the clock with other teams in Washington, Pennsylvania, and Georgia to attend to the victims of the hurricane. In partnership with ECC, IAP Worldwide incorporated different response options to the hurricane for Naval Facilities Engineering Command.

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Just recently, IAP Worldwide Services was selected to provide mission support services worth $53 million to the U.S. Army through the Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) contract. However, IAP’s contract operates under Rapid Response Third Generation (R23G) contract vehicle. Under the contract, IAP Worldwide will provide integrated logistics, training support, and fielding for DCGS-Army, which is the project manager located at Fort Hood, Texas. Under the contract, IAP Worldwide Services is responsible for hardware systems engineering on, hardware certification, data processing, training, system reconciliations, networking, and warehouse operations to military units. The DCGS-A is the U.S. Army’s system used for data posting, processing information, and disseminating Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance information about the weather, terrain, and operational environments.

As a global market leader in providing mission support to the government and international agencies, IAP Worldwide Services is a top hiring firm on The firm specializes in global-scale facility management, contingency support, and technical support. Though its huge workforce, IAP Worldwide serves different organizations with a large pool of skills and expertise to address different challenges encountered by its clients. For decades, IAP Worldwide offers a broad range of jobs opportunities in areas like facilities management, engineering, logistics, construction, accounting, program management.

Public Speaker, Technologist, Entrepreneur and Investor-Erick Pulier

We have all wanted to succeed in life, do better in our investments and end what we started. Our desire and ambition are actually to invest and be ahead of others. Most cases of our lives we do not reach our full potential due to the discouragement of being afraid to tap our potential in full. We are in most cases held back by the way the society thinks about us.

Erick Pulier is an author, entrepreneur, a public speaker as well as philanthropist and a technologist. He has a passion for helping others lead a successful life, and he does that by sharing his success and failure story. Pulier is the founder of more than 50 successful companies. He is an ambitious man and the co-author of Understanding Enterprise SOA and he is renowned for his revolutions and successful entrepreneurship in the technology sector.

Erick Pulier has founded and co-founded several organizations including Digital Evolution, Media platform, U.S Interactive, Akana, Desktop, Service Mesh and Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council. His passion for technology started when he was in fourth grade by programming computers. While in High Scholl Eric begun his first database company. In 1984 he joined Harvard University to study English and American literature. Erick was a columnist for the Harvard Crimson and also took some classes at the neighboring school. Erick Pulier in 1988. In 1991 he moved to Los Angles and established People Doing Things a company that primarily deals with the education sector and health industry as well as other issues that deal with technology.

Erick Pulier is an active father of four, and he is not only an entrepreneur, but he also plays a significant role in the charity world. Erick serves on the Board of Painted Turtle which is a summer camp for children suffering from chronic illness. Mr. Erick also serves in the innovative Board of XPRIZE Foundation. Pulier has always displayed his leadership skills and has on several occasions being elected in leadership positions including being selected in 1997 during the inauguration of the United States President to create and execute the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C which was dubbed the Bridge to the 21st Century. Erick Pulier lives in Los Angeles with his four children.

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Get More Data For Free From FreedomPop After Completing Offers

It’s unlikely that anyone would have thought that cell phone service or even Internet service could be provided free of charge, but it can be. FreedomPop is the only company currently providing free cell phone service and Internet service that all comes from one service provider. FreedomPop started out by giving free cell phone service and only extended their free service to cover Internet service as well. There are two different Internet services that FreedomPop provides free service to, which is 500 MB of data with the portable hotspots, and there’s 1 GB of data with the FreedomPop Hub for home Internet.


Even with the free service that’s provided from FreedomPop for Internet, it may not be enough for everyone, but there are easy ways to get additional data for the portable hotspots as well as for the FreedomPop Hub. Even a subscriber to the FreedomPop free cell phone service can take advantage of the offers that FreedomPop has by completing them because it can give them extra data for free, instead of them having to pay for all the data that they need. The more offers that are completed, the more free data a person will receive each month.


There are also service plans for the portable hotspots as well as for the FreedomPop Hub for the home. Each plan is different and costs a different price, depending on how much data is added to the service. As for the free cell phone plan, the updated version for 2016 will now include completely unlimited text messages. Without enough data, the service may not allow the user to send too many text messages, so gaining extra data is easy by using Wi-Fi service or by completing offers for FreedomPop services.


FreedomPop also has their other two great cell phone services that offer unlimited talk and text starting at $10.99 with 500 MB of data, or one can upgrade to the unlimited data plan for $19.99 total. With the unlimited everything plan, the user will get all the text messages, talk time, and all the data that they want and need. Upgrading the 4G LTE data on the unlimited everything plan is also possible for a fee of five dollars per extra gigabyte that’s added to the plan. Choose a phone from the FreedomPop website or retailer, or bring just about any kind of phone to FreedomPop, including GSM phones. Take a look at any FreedomPop review for additional info.


Talk Fusion Incentive Trip To Milan, Italy

Talk Fusion is a comprehensive video marketing solution. Established in 2007 by Bob Reina, its current C.E.O, Talk Fusion makes marketing more engaging, persuasive and productive through video. This way, businesses can stay ahead of the competition, widen their clientele and boost their sales. The company offers its services in over 140 countries around the world. Talk Fusion relies on the efforts of independent associates to market its activities in these respective countries. These associates earn income through sharing the company’s video marketing solutions with other audiences. Clients before fully purchasing its services are usually given a 30 day free trial period. The users of the video marketing solution pay different amounts depending on the package they intend to buy. As part of the corporate social responsibility, Talk Fusion is involved in various human and animal charities all over the globe.


On November 7, 2016, through a live company broadcast, Talk Fusion announced a luxury vacation to Milan, Italy for its independent associates. The trip dubbed Destination: Milan is set for December 2017, and it is aimed at motivating and psyching up the firm’s independent associates.


Incentives for these associates is not a new practice but rather an addition to an extensive list of the same. Talk Fusion usually rewards and motivates its employees with Rolex watches; recognition rings made of diamond, slick Mercedes-Benz and trips to Maui, Hawaii, Florida, and Dubai.


Milan as a motivational destination is renowned for its deluxe shopping centers, delicious Italian cuisine and historical and culture-rich tourist attraction sites. The firm will cater for air ticket and accommodation for the qualified independent associates and their spouses.


Both the current and future Talk Fusion Associates from all over the world are welcome to join in the morale-boosting trip. Those willing to get an invite to the journey ought to achieve or exceed the rank of “Diamond” by October 29, 2017.


In as much as the firm is selling its marketing products to businesses for a profit, its other objective to provide financial freedom to its employees and associates, afford them enough time with their families and at the same time giving them opportunities to travel to various world destinations all through hard work and determination.


Eric Lefkofsky Uses His Fortune To Improve The World

Eric Lefkofsky is a self made billionaire with a net worth of nearly $1.7 billion. This puts him within the top 500 wealthiest billionaires in the United States. He is most famous for being the chairman of Groupon and for his many Internet ventures early on in life. Uptake is also a notable project, eventually being valued at over $1.1 billion. Echo Global Logistics is a supply chain management company that he started in 2005 and it currently has over $1.5 billion in revenue. Media Ocean is an advertising company that earns over $200 million per year. He started learning business from a small carpet selling business that he started during his college days. He eventually went on into technology based businesses after he finished college.

Eric Lefkofsky ( was boring in Detroit, Michigan on September 2, 1969. His father was structural engineer and his mother a public school teacher. He went to Southfield-Lathrup High School until his graduation in 1987. He then started working on his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Michigan. He studied until he became a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Michigan Law School in 1993.

Eric Lefkofsky was replaced by Rich Williams as the head of Groupon. Since then, his life has mostly been involved with his anthropological projects. Eric Lefkofsky, along with his wife Liz, started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006. They aim to tackle important issues like worldwide access quality education, Improving fundamental human rights in developing countries, increasing the efficiency of medical research and to preserve cultures.

His wife Liz, as well as other members of her family, have been personally affected by cancer. Because of this, their foundation has put a lot of emphasis in the fight against cancer. The LFF has issued many grants that have mostly went towards cancer research. Many of these grants were between $100,000 and $1 million. In 2015, they donated $250,000 to Weill Cornell Medicine for their research in breast cancer. They also made headlines when they donated $1 million towards research projects at the Lurie Cancer Center for Oncology Research. They even gave $1.2 million to University of Michigan’s cancer research program. They continue to seek more partners and their data helps to continually adapt their database.

He is the Co-Founder of the medical analytical software company Tempus. Tempus aims to increase cancer treatment plans by keeping a genetic database that compares patients to results from clinical trials. The database primarily deals with breast, lung, and pancreatic cancers for the time being. The startup is based in Chicago and they have a large 20,000 square foot lab at their headquarters. Their primary partner is the Northwestern University’ Cancer Research Center. They also recently partnered with Rush University Medical Center in October of this year.

Tempus currently has over 100 employees with most of them being PHD holders. Dr. Kevin White is the current President of the company and handles overseeing their scientific operations. Dr. Jonathan Silverstein is their Chief Medical Informatics Officer. Dr. Arul Chinnaiyan is currently their Scientific Adviser. They are currently recruiting for a myriad number of job positions on their main website.

Geoffrey Cone Responds to False Allegations against New Zealand

Geoffrey Cone is a tax and trust consultant and advisor based in New Zealand. He has worked as a legal practitioner for more than 3 decades and his main focus is on international tax and trust planning.His other areas of expertise include banking law and domestic and international corporate law. He holds an LLB honors and a postgraduate diploma in tax and trust law from the University of Otago, New Zealand. Geoff is married to Sarah Cone, a New York-based investor. The couple loves to host parties at their home in Uruguay.


Mr. Cone has an extensive background in tax law and has worked in tax havens and New Zealand for the past 36 years. He loves to write and has co-authored quite a number of books and written articles on tax and trust law. He recently wrote an article in defense of New Zealand’s reputation with foreign trusts.


Mr. Cone Defends New Zealand’s Reputation


Mr. Cone responded to an article that was written in October 2016 claiming that New Zealand is a tax haven and that foreign trusts in New Zealand are not taxed on income they earn outside of New Zealand. According to Mr. Cone, New Zealand is not a tax haven as it does not maintain a system of financial secrecy. Tax havens are also known to impose no or very low taxes, which New Zealand does not do. Besides, New Zealand is not on the OECD’s list of tax havens. On the contrary, it is on the OECD’s white list for having implemented the internationally agreed gold standard for transparency.


In the article, Mr. Cone says that the increase in the number of foreign trusts in New Zealand is largely attributed to the fact that New Zealand is internationally recognized as a safe and stable country and this attracts foreigners to hold trusts in the country. New Zealand has very strict requirements for trustees and this is an evidence of the country’s commitment to tax transparency. This is not characteristic of a tax haven.




Geoffrey Cone is passionate about his job and his country as is evident from his defense of New Zealand’s reputation. He is an excellent lawyer and has set the bar high for other practitioners in the legal field. His extensive experience in tax law makes him a valuable asset to New Zealand as many companies and the government consult him on various issues to do with tax planning.He loves to go on road trips with his friends and spend time with his lovely wife during his free time.




White Shark Media Helps People Avoid Quitting

One thing that is certain is that internet marketing is not for everyone. For one thing, only a few people succeed as internet marketers. It does not matter what type of business they are trying to start. Not everyone has the skills necessary to take their site to the level of success. There are a lot of factors and methods that people could use in order to bring forth a successful business. It is just that some of them will take time. Then there are the others that cost a bit of money. Either way, the person has to make sure that he has enough to invest in his business.


For people that have the money they are willing to spend, there is White Shark Media. This company is willing and able to do the necessary work in coming up with a good campaign for people. This will help people focus on the other aspects of the business. Since White Shark Media has a lot of time and practice to take on the ad campaigns, the company is able to put together something that will not only let the users know about the existence of the company, but make them believe that this is one of the best companies in its own industry.


One thing that inexperienced internet marketers wind up doing is quitting. As a result, they do not experience the success that they have dreamed about. However, White Shark Media can help them avoid throwing in the towel. While the services may cost a little bit of money, people can rest assured that they will get back the money that they have invested in the program. This is one of the reasons that White Shark Media is one of the companies that people go to in order to get the type of advertising services they need.

What Kevin Seawright Says About RPS Solutions LLC

This year, Kevin Seawright appear on the Larry Young Show and shared his vision of what will happen with RPS Solutions LLC. The company, founded in 2015 is a project for Seawright that is designed to renovate homes that need it as well as to build new ones for families that have a need for more affordable housing.

Seawright was on the show to share his goals going into the rest of 2016 and beyond, sharing how he believes RPS can turn Baltimore around for the better.

Kevin Seawright shared with Larry Young that he is, “just passionate about home ownership”. The focus is all about helping first time home buyers and creating the stability that young families need as they get started with their new life. Ultimately, Seawright wants these families to be able to have a home that they are proud of and can share with their friends and family.

According to Crunchbase, when Kevin Seawright started RPS Solutions LLC, his primary goal was to increase the percentage of home ownership to nearly 50% in the city of Baltimore. With affordable alternatives, more individuals and families would be able to buy their first home without overwhelming debt and payments that they can’t possibly work into their budget.

While Seawright is a project management professional, he has also served as a leader local government, real estate, and education in the Baltimore area. He also has vast experience in finance, having worked as the Chief Financial Officer for Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, as well as holding the position of Executive Vice President.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: The Bright star of Austin, Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a name to be reckoned with in the medicine industry. She has been named as one of the 24 best beauty surgeons in America by the Harpers Bazaar Magazine in 2014. She started her training with the best surgeons in NY city before eventually returning back to her home town Austin. She is on the board of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). She is also a media darling being known to feature in numerous beauty magazines over the years.


Dr. Walden’s colleagues and patients describe her as a warm individual who is always at the service of her clients and patients despite her endearing daily schedule. Jennifer Walden grew up in Austin in the Northwest Hills Neighborhood. She is one among the five children in her family. Her late father happened to be a dentist while her mother was a nurse. She achieved quality education and calls her mother as a role model. Jennifer got her bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas and was accepted into medical school on a waiting list. She fought for her place determined and dedicated throughout her college which got saw her graduating with Salutatorian position. She thought of pursuing plastic surgery as she loved the creativity and immediacy involved with the field. She got accepted in the post residency aesthetic fellowship surgery program in Manhattan where she stayed for almost 8 years. Dr. Walden has an international base of clients and has more than 30 years of experience in the field. She attributes her business to the arrival of her twin kids Rex and Houston who she loves fondly.

She moved back to Austin to start her own business and in less than three years established her business to great heights. The Westlake Medical Center is her brainchild and is fully accredited by AAAASF which is the premier program for Office OR accreditation. She takes great pride in her work and asks young women to pursue the field of medicine. She often provides mentorship programs to female pre-med students. She says that one needs to be internally driven and motivated to strive in the medicine field. She also asks young women to have a support system around themselves if they are to succeed in their respective fields

Wengie Exposes Life Hacks

People that hang out on YouTube on a regular basis can find a lot of interesting things. What Wengie has been able to do is provide some interesting life hacks for people that want to save money. She started out as a person that was able to provide some good makeup tips for people that followed her on the web. This actually made her the top Australian beauty tip consultant. As time passed she has been able to transition from beauty tips to general tips.


The life hacks that she has provided are saving people lots of money. There has been a surge in things like life hacks. There are websites dedicated to this. There are also TV shows that are dedicated to this. Wengie has the advantage of giving people hacks in a shorter time frame than what you could find on a television show. There are some very short videos that give people access to an assortment of things that can make their lives easier.


What Wengie has been able to do is make people see that there are some easy things that they don’t have to spend money on. Cat food is one of these things. There are also other hacks like zip bags that can be used to carry your Passport, planner and wallet when you travel. This certainly more convenient than having to take all of this information when you have to go through the airport.


This is just the way that Wengie works. She has been able to even show women a couple of cool makeup tips that can save them money as well. This is one of the things that she has mastered over the years, and that makes her a valuable resource for all that are interested in saving money.


Wengie has a lot of followers, and this is all because she has been able to take the time to try new products and post the results of her findings. There is a lot of praise for her videos because she has multiple hacks that are quick and to the point.


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