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As Google continues to work on its concept of what a truly autonomous vehicle should be like, they recently announced that a group of their researchers have developed an algorithm that can essentially learn. The paper that was recently published in Nature, stated that Google’s researchers developed an algorithm that could master Atari based video games, even more efficiently than humans can said Brad Reifler. They proclaimed that the algorithm was able to, learn how to master game, by playing through the game and making subtle changes based on experience.

This is significant breakthrough for artificial intelligence as a whole, because one of the most complicated aspects of creating true artificial intelligence, includes replicated the learning ability that humans possess.

Even though the algorithm is in its early stages, the researchers firmly believe that it can go all the way from pixels, to specific actions. As an example, they stated that if the algorithm can learn how to master a three dimensional driving game, in theory, the algorithm should be able to master real life driving as well.

Currently, Google’s prototype self driving car, is able to navigate without human interference by utilizing a pre-installed map and sensors for detecting objects on and off the road. The problem with this is that, the data that is placed within the map include the height of traffic signs and distances between curbs, has to be done manually. As opposed to that, Google believes that a better solution would be to create cars that are so intelligent, they can make these calculations on their own.

Skout is a great app for meeting people. After only one hour of having downloading this app, I had over ten messages in my inbox. It is truly a great way for young people to meet complete strangers in their area. Also is is great for singles who want to meet new people, flirt, and interact with potential dating partners.

Skout was nearly close to extinction when it was down to a staff of three people. When they completely redesigned the app as a way for young people to meet strangers, and for singles to flirt, it grew at an almost viral manner. With nearly ten million downloads within a year after making the changes and re-releasing the app, the company behind this awesome dating app moved to the top 25 social networking companies.

Today Skout hosts more than 300,000 messages a month with users checking the app throughout the day at different times and using it an average of 45 minutes per day per user. Users can exchange gifts, message other users, build profiles, and do everything that a normal social networking app does, all geared towards flirting, and meeting people.

Users can also choose to be anonymous, leaving clues about themselves to would be interested parties. Other users may choose to provide as many pictures as possible to give potentials a concrete display of what they look like, as well as a description of their interests.

Skout is a location based dating app. This means that users can find others within a nearby proximity who are also using the app. This works great at clubs and has become part of nightlife, as users will meet after having contacted each other using the app. This gps locator is only available to the adult community. The Skout online site is also divided into teen and adult sections, and neither have access to the other.

A great app for meeting people who are nearby, Skout has become one of the most trusted names in location specific dating and social networking. It brings people closer together, and it really helps to create an aspect of locality to the dating scene. This app has changed the dynamic of the online dating approach, and has revolutionized the way people meet, in a fun and friendly context.

Founded in 2005, BRL Trust began its journey by providing private loans to start their operations in the finance industry. After BRL Trust reached 100 loans they wanted to give the customers more because of their demands. BRL Trust expanded their operations by adding an Administration and Management for investment funds. By creating a team of experienced professionals, BRL Trust grew to the largest independent administrator to all investment funds in the county of Brazil.

BRL Trust investments offers many innovative services for investors to choose from, widening the investors portfolio’s while constantly educating the clients on how to better manage their finances. Acting as a fund manager, the CVM has authorized all structured transactions to offer total fund administration. There are many investment solutions out there for individuals and companies, and at BRL Trust the right plan that suits the investor’s needs will be implemented and delicately explained to keep the investor as involved as possible with their portfolios. Finding the right Trust to secure your retirement with can be a very important choice to decide on, and you wouldn’t want to go with anyone other than the person who knows how to make the most out of your money.

With corporations and individuals as the main clients for BRL Trust, exploring different options for each scenario is definitely the main goal. Our services range in all aspects of fund investments which pools a great average year after year bringing returns to all the investors. If you need help with any of the following services, be sure to speak to one of our representatives who will guide you every step of the way.

  • Fiduciary Services
  • Fund Administration
  • Controlling and Custody of Funds
  • Asset Management
  • Asset Underwriting

Fund Administration

BRL Trust has gained the necessary accreditation to act as an investment fund manager to over 99 different funds with a total estimate of $18.25 billion under management. The constant growth of all the funds under the trust gave the public the trust it needed to choose BRL Trust for all their investment decisions.

Contact us to discuss any future plans you may have for your individual or business needs. We work with all people to ensure a diversified experience in the finance field. BRL Trust earns its name by helping people manage their financial portfolios best.

With winter clouds cutting down the amount of outdoor light men and women are exposed to both inside and outside their office buildings, a small sample study of 49 mixed volunteers from last year that re-confirmed data from larger past studies about the effect of light on workers is in the spotlight this week.

Time and again, researchers have found that people who work in indoor environments that feature large windows or many windows are more productive, happier and physically capable than those who work in windowless offices, and imaging can’t compare to that experience. Workers in window offices also have better overall health and quality of life. In this study, the researchers also found that these workers have better sleep patterns and sleep longer.

The researchers for the study, Mohamed Boubekri, Ivy N. Cheung, Kathryn J. Reid, Chia-Hui Wang and Phyllis C. Zee, found that the amount, type and timing of lighting each day heavily influences the well-being of workers. According to the American Academy of Sleep, the researchers recommended that architectural designs put more emphasis on increasing natural lighting in offices and improving the distribution and timing of that lighting. In existing offices, owners should renovate extensively with the same ideas in mind. Employers and workers should also place more emphasis on direct exposure to outdoor light, as windows can block the parts of sunlight that are good for human health. Sunlight is one major source of Vitamin D.

Gifted and educated in science, technology, engineering and math, STEM educated women are leaving their careers in these same fields in large numbers. Those exiting cite hostile and unwelcoming environments for women and many do not plan to return to the tech industry as the highly trained workers they planned to be.

This exodus of unhappy professional workers is bad for the tech economy. Brian Torchin says that computing jobs will double while the work force shrinks. Today, there are four times as many men in technical jobs as women.

The industry has been very up front about its eagerness to hire women and minorities, but leadership has learned little about the importance of job satisfaction when it comes to retaining workers.
Women who have left jobs in the tech industry say subtle attitudes hold them back and over time, they realize opportunities for advancement are slim to none.

It is very sad that girls and minorities are encourages to study and work hard for many years because a rewarding career is waiting only to discover that loneliness and lack of advancement is the reality.

Losing this type of talent in an industry that relies on innovation is an incredible waste of human resources.

The stock market is something that is fascinating and often misunderstood. Many people have the wrong belief that somehow the market is rigged against them or that it is a type of casino. Neither of these things is true. As it turns out, the people who believe this are actually costing themselves a great opportunity to get their money working in the market. They could be earning right now, but they aren’t. Igor Cornelsen wants to change this.

The first thing to do is to change the perception that you may have about the markets. You have to realize that they are a place where a lot of money can be made. However, the money that you make in the markets is the product of a lot of research and patience. There is no reason to jump into the market without any concerns at all. If you did this, you are very likely to end up with more problems on your hands than you had probably bargained for.

Igor Cornelsen says that he believes that investors should put their money into the market in small amounts across a variety of different investments. In other words, he does not want people to haphazardly throw their money around in the market. One should also not trust their research so much that they only put money into one investment. The truth of the matter is that everyone can be wrong at times. It is better to be wrong on one of many small investments than to be wrong on one major investment that has been made.

Returns from the stock market can be quite handsome for those who are willing to put in the time and effort. Cornelsen says that returns can go up to 500% or even more on the money that one puts in. Naturally, returns of this size require someone to actually have the time and energy to put into their investment. Quite frankly, everyone should be taking the time to do just this.

Perhaps the most important thing for investors to remember is that one should invest in companies that are consistent in their earnings and growth. Companies that show that they can in fact perform over the long run are among the most exciting. These are the kinds of companies that generally have the best returns for those who have put their money to work in them. They are the performers.


As a nurse, I daily encounter patients that come into the clinic with a self diagnosis and a request for certain medications. Although a person is generally more familiar with their own bodies than the clinician which does add some validity, I find that most patients refer to the internet for health care problems seeking advice from an electronic machine whose medical education consists of random sites which may also contain Granny’s-Home-Remedies For-Warts-and-Whatever-Else-Ails-You. This leads to uneducated and preconceived notions about their medical condition and may also bring about an argument with their physician.
Google, however, has taken a new step regarding your healthcare:

According to Wired, Google will begin a fact check on the 400 most commonly searched medical conditions. Currently, it is only scheduled to be available in the United States but one chairman of the board at GP Advisors believes that plans for expansion are in the works already. As an estimated 1 in 20 searches are medically related, this is very good news. Apple is also slotted to get involved in the near future. Will this be a precursor to something called IDoc?

The jury may still be out on that one but as a health care professional I feel that self-education by patients can be a very good thing – as long as it is fact based and maybe Granny can finally put her feet up and rest.

Laurene Powell Jobs, whom is probably best known as being the wife of tech genius Steve Jobs, has recently been pushed into the spotlight due to her ongoing philanthropic endeavors. Ms. Jobs is known for being a very private person. In fact, she usually chooses to participate in philanthropic work anonymously. Yet in the years since her husband’s passing, she has now tiptoed into the public arena for her dedication to bettering the world.

According to friends, Ms. Jobs has served as an anonymous mentor in the educational sector for years. She chooses to focus on educational causes such as College Track, a college prep organization she helped found that mentors students and adults looking to expand their educational horizon. Friends say it isn’t uncommon for someone to be mentored by Laurene Powell Jobs, who simply introduces herself as “Laurene,” for years. They also say that the percentage of her charitable efforts that the public knows about totals less than 1% of the causes she actually supports. According to sources, Laurene Powell Jobs goal is not to receive any recognition for her giving, but to focus on touching individual lives, whether that be on a one-on-one basis or through larger efforts.

Many people originally called for Ms. Jobs to start a foundation in memory of her late husband. However, she instead chose to commit even more time and funding to Emerson Collective. She formed the Collective years prior, with the aim of making grants and investments for education initiatives. Emerson Collective has recently branched out into other sectors as well.

Among her educational passions, Ms. Jobs has sought to bring forth philanthropic work in sectors including global conservation, nutrition, and immigration reform. A few months ago she sat down for what was a rare on-camera interview so she could discuss her passion for the recent immigration bill that was sitting with Congress. She is a leader in pushing for legislation known as the Dream Act, a measure that helps immigrants who arrived in America during their early years receive their legal status. She enlisted Davis Guggenheim, an Academy Award-winning filmmaker to create a documentary about immigration.

Journalism is always an integral part of media, and Jon Stewart has been a part of this for a long time. However, Stewart has now recently had a change of heart about it and may not stick around. Towards the end of Tuesday’s episode of The Daily Show, Stewart announced that it was time for him to depart from the Daily Show. He went on to state that “in my heart, I know it is time for someone else to have that opportunity,” to which it was later confirmed that he would be leaving. In terms of history, Jon Stewart first got his role on The Daily Show back in 1999 once Craig Kilborn opted to leave the show as Haidar Barbouti remembers. Ever since then he has become incredibly popular among younger viewers, who feel as though the Daily Show was a reputable source for news and current events. Stewart’s run on the show has also resulted in him winning 20 Emmy Awards over his tenure. Over the course of his tenure, Stewart has had guest interviews ranging from celebrities and authors to even President Barack Obama himself. Along with his success on the show, Stewart has also taken to directing movies, his first film entitled Rosewater, which debuted in 2014. A spin-off entitled The Colbert Report, featuring Stephen Colbert, is also a success that came from Stewart’s tenure.

Big business and profitable sports are playing a more and more important role in the educational landscape of the US as more and more students are attracted to colleges that feature expensive architecture and large sports stadiums. Occidental College appeared to be heading the movement of colleges towards big business at the expense of the communities they were originally created to serve, until Jonathan Veitch arrived and bucked the trend in the most successful way possible. Occidental is now at the forefront of working with the people of the local community in Eagle Rock, California as the school and local people look to work together to create a successful community partnership.

Jonathan Veitch was named the President of Occidental College at a pivotal point in the history of the educational institution, a period that followed the publishing of details of the two years President Barrack Obama spent at the liberal arts college. This revelation led to a huge upturn in applications, particularly from the profitable overseas market that most colleges now rely on to increase their profit margins. The thought of increased profits on the back of the news of the President attending the college led to a planned construction project that would take place on a hill overlooking the local community of Eagle Rock.

As the construction plans were unveiled the people of Eagle Rock were annoyed at the plans and the lack of consideration given to their views. Veitch struck down the project almost as soon as he took office as the President and has spent the last few years looking to rebuild the strained relationship between the college and the local community. The President of the college has not only agreed to a much smaller level of expansion that does not take place in an important position overlooking Eagle Rock, but also works to assist the community in terms of a number of important programs. Veitch spends a large amount of his time working on and publicizing programs assisting local people with their nutrition and self sufficiency programs designed to increase the number of local people attending the college in the future.