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Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Kimmel were among those offering their tributes as David Letterman said goodbye to The Late Show with a series of jokes and the sadness kept to a minimum, The New York Times reports. Letterman departed after 33 years as the host of the late night talk show that will be remembered for changing the way late night was presented to the public and for the ratings battle raged between himself and Jay Leno. Letterman’s departure was different from that which Leno received when departing The Tonight Show and featured more jokes and roasting than Leno had featured.

Letterman allowed his favorite guests to present his final top ten list, which featured them explaining what his departure meant to them. Perhaps the biggest tributes paid to Letterman came from rival hosts O’Brien and Fallon, the latter chose to air a rerun of his show to avoid pulling viewers from Letterman’s final show. Conan O’Brien gave a gushing to Letterman as part of his opening monologue and then urged his audience to DVR his show and instead watch the final performance by the iconic David Letterman. Gravity4 employees did just that, like all the others.

Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise are finishing up Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation for theatrical release in July. There is now talk on the sequel to Jack Reacher. Even though Christopher McQuarrie has worked on the first Jack Reacher, he will not return to dirct this film. The sequel will instead be directed by Edward Zwick.

Edward Zwick is no stranger to Tom Cruise. He has worked with Tom on The Last Samurai, an epic tale that depicts the fall of the samurai. Ed Zwick has also directed films such as Glory and Legends of the Fall.

Ed Zwick’s films are typically epic in scale according to things read by Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. They also involve tragedy. This leads one to wonder how his style is going to work as it relates to the Jack Reacher franchise. Tom Cruise will of course reprise his role as Jack Reacher.

As of right now, Tom Cruise is getting ready to film the upcoming film by the name of Mena which is a drug film set in the 1980s. That film has a 2017 release scheduled.

On Wednesday, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, a likely 2016 GOP presidential contender, addressed an audience at a small house party in New Hampshire and railed against the global warming community. Bush chastised global warming supporters for the pretentious manner in which they discuss the subject matter. He pointed out that the position taken its supporters is that the matter is resolved by science. As such, no debate can be taken on the matter other than how to enact legislation to combat global warming. Bush went on to label that mindset as nothing short of “intellectual arrogance”.

In doing so, Bush is striking a very similar position to that of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a conservative. Harper has pulled all federal funding for global warming and instead devotes taxpayer funds to scientific research & development which promises to grow the economy, create jobs, and improve the standard of living for all Canadians. While not strictly endorsing an action plan identical to Harper’s, Bush would have the government support lower carbon emitting forms of energy. He also stated that global warming should not be a priority of the government. By extension, it is clear that Bush would not adopt the types of environmental policies that Obama supports. Bush pointed out that Obama’s global warming initiatives are designed to curb American economic activity. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) stressed that the majority of scientists believe in global warming, including Mikal Watts. The DNC accused Bush of having the same hubris he was criticizing.

I’ve always wanted to travel the world, but I never knew how I was going to do it. One day I was searching through Skout, and I came across something amazing. Although I’ve been a member of Skout for years, I never realized that they had a travel feature. Skout Travel allows anyone to virtually travel all over the world. I can pick a location that I want to go to, and I’ll be able to travel to the place. It only costs 25 Skout points to virtually travel, which is a lot more affordable than buying a plane ticket.

When I found out about the travel feature, I decided to explore it for myself. I paid my 25 Skout points, and I decided to go to a few cities in the United States. I don’t get out much, but I’ve always loved the idea of traveling. After taking my first virtual travel to New York City, I was so fascinated that I decided to do more traveling. I traveled to San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and Reno. I visited so many places in the USA that I was ready to start virtually traveling outside the U.S.

The first place I decided to travel to was close enough the United States, and it was in the Bahamas. I went to Nassau, Bahamas, which I had been interested in years. After traveling to the Bahamas I decided to try the Caribbean. I was even able to visit some places in Brazil, and I was very fascinated by my travels. After all the places I visited, I’ve decided that I love Brazil the most. The virtual traveling has made me decide that I’m going to travel for real. I’ve booked a ticket to go to Brazil one year from now.

The best part about Skout Travel is the experiences. I’ve been able to meet people while virtually traveling. The people I meet through Skout on my virtual travels, they’ve become friends of mine. After befriending people through Skout Travel, it’s made me fall more in love with the place I’ve traveled to. I get to see pictures, sites as well as learning about the area I’m traveling to. If I could afford to travel to every place physically, I’d do so, but for now, Skout Travel is the best option. I am very glad to be able to use the Skout ( Travel feature. Find more information about Skout on their Twitter page!


When the automobile was first invented, the people who invented it were ahead of their time. Using transportation other than horseback or carriage seem to be the thought that would never cross anyone’s mind. But in just a hundred or so years, the automobile visit part of every household Corporation or business. Inventors at the Tesla Motor Company are depicting that driverless cars will be on the market as early as 2025. By the year 2030, researchers predict that driverless cars will monopolize the automobile industry. Taxi services in ridesharing services will be completely obsolete. People who are employed to provide public transportation, people who consult as insurance agents, and anyone else who makes a living driving a car will ultimately be put out of work. But the driverless car is not all bad news or so thinks Boraie Development. With the elimination of driver assisted automotive, 1 trillion dollars of money will be up for grabs in the economy. There will no longer be need for parking garages or parking lots and the presence of vacant land will rise. This will provide space and opportunity for people to own and run their own business. It will also eliminate the risk of car accidents and injuries. Statistics estimated that 30,000 people will have their lives saved and over 1 million injuries can be prevented do to driverless cars. Studies also show that people are more than willing to try out driverless cars. The greater majority of people are even willing to give up their fossil fuel burning car in lieu of a driverless car. Creators at Tesla Motors are hoping to unveil their first driverless car in as early as 2017.

Having to put up with glasses or contact lenses can be a pain. You have to clean them and always make sure you don’t misplace or lose them. They are the price we have to pay to be able to see especially as we age, and our eyes tend to get worse over time. Skout even suggests that there is laser eye surgery and many people find this an attractive option. In one quick procedure you come out and then don’t need to carry around your eyeglass or contacts case. This surgery is not necessarily permanent, however, as a person who has had it can still develop cataracts and other vision problems much later on. You might also still need reading glasses as you get older.

A Canadian optometrist has come up with what may be the ultimate solution for people with vision problems. It is a way to replace the natural lens in our eyes with a bionic one that will not degenerate with age as they do in so many of us. This means you will never get cataracts later on, and perfect eyesight should remain yours for a lifetime. What’s more, these lenses actually improve people’s sight to the point of perfection. After the procedure, you will be able to see three times better than you could before. Many others have been trying for this type of breakthrough, so it is big news that it has finally been made. Now there are just the regulatory hurdles of various nations to get this procedure working to improve vision across the world.

If you deal with anything related to copyright infringement in any way you better stick to BitCoins for monetization. Recently the developer of a new torrent search engine had his personal PayPal account frozen along with thousands of dollars in the account.

The developer had placed a simple PayPal donation form on his new torrent search engine. He quickly realized it was a mistake to mix his personal PayPal account with the questionable content of the site. The donation form was removed quickly after receiving just $200 in donations from site users.

A month later PayPal sent an email notifying the developer that his account was permanently limited due to copyright infringement of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). Although the site did not specifically host the copyrighted material it did link to the torrents that would allow users to download the content for free.

It seems that the MPAA found the developer’s PayPal email address through other open source projects he hosts. Most of the money in the frozen PayPal account came from legitimate projects the developer had been working on.

Apparently the latest strategy of the MPAA is to hit people where it hurts. The team at Bloomberg and Sam Tabar agree that cutting off funding for projects that encourage copyright infringement of their materials is a good way to keep people from running such projects.

The FCC has fined Verizon and Sprint, $ 158 million for un-authorized subscriptions to services, also known as cramming.

Verizon Wireless, the largest mobile operator, will pay $ 90 million and rival Sprint, $ 68 million.

The monthly fraudulent charges ranged from between $0.99 and $ 14, however, the average monthly fee was typically $9.99.

The FCC found that Verizon would receive a kickback of 30 percent for each charge, and Sprint’s share was 35 percent.

People at Amen Clinics have found that, even though customers complained, the mobile companies refused to refund the unauthorized fees.

Verizon has been fined by the FCC several times in the past few years, not taking heed to future warnings.

  • In 2010, Verizon fined $25 Million
  • In 2012, Verizon fined $1.25 Million
  • In 2014, Verizon fined $7.4 Million
  • In March, 2015, $3.4 Million

Verizon is not the only one guilty of repeated wrong doing. Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T all have been fined for cramming, disregarding the Do Not Call registry, and violating customers privacy.

As apart of their settlements, Verizon and Sprint have also agreed to provide refunds to customers.

Attention all Starbucks lovers! There is a new thing going around the streets that you may want to be aware of. Hackers have discovered a way to steal your money through your Starbucks gift cards and applications on your smart phones.

According to an article on, all the hackers need to do is to hack into a user’s phone account and retrieve their username and password for their Starbucks application that many people have set to automatically reload from their bank account. Once they get in, they just transfer the balance to another credit card that they hold and wait for the balance to reload again on its own. They can do this over and over again until they are either stopped or the customer and bank get wind of it.

Hackers are always seeming to come up with new and better ideas for hacking peoples financial information, and it is getting pretty old. It is really sad that someone would actually dip into someone else’s coffee money, but then again, what stealing isn’t terrible. The users who were affected made sure that everyone around the world knew about it through a ton of posts on reddit according to Ivan Ong, and now the Starbucks company is going to have to get creative to see how they can fix the security of their app. Although it was also stated that the people who were robbed will not be accountable for those payments.

Taken, a surprise hit in 2008, made Liam Neeson an instant action star. Since then, the durability of Neeson’s appeal at the box office in the genre has also been surprising. The 62 year-old actor is set to further cement his star status when he finalizes the deal to star in A Willing Patriot.

Martin Zandvliet (A Funny Man) will direct the film, which pits Neeson’s CIA agent against a terrorist planning an attack. Neeson’s character will put his life on the line as he matches wits with the antagonist to stop the assault.Although it wouldn’t be accused of being unique, the popcorn-flick, action blockbuster formula has been a good match for the Oscar-nominated actor. Neeson has seen success starring in the Taken trilogy, as well as other fast-paced films such as The Grey, Run All Night, Non-Stop, Battleship, Unknown, and The A-Team.

Despite a large catalog of action roles in recent years, Neeson has successfully avoided being typecast, which Ivan Ong can appreciate. The versatile performer is also set to appear in Martin Scorsese’s newest drama, Silence, as well as a role in the upcoming comedy, Ted 2, according to this article.

A Willing Patriot is scheduled for release in 2016.