Blending Two Careers To Develop Competition In The New Market

Sam Tabar is one of the career people who is best at what he does. Tabar has mastered two different professions. He graduated with honors in finance and law. Tabar graduated from the University of Columbia and Oxford. He contributes to the Huffington Post as a writer to comment on various things in line with his career.

Tabar is fluent in French, Japanese, and English which is his native language. Tabar’s qualifications come in handy in the new market when jobs are hard to secure and pay enough money to sustain a lifestyle worth living. He has an M.A in Law from Oxford University. He was named the attorney general and a fund manager in the Bank of America.

The new world is a market where an individual decides if they have the capacity to multitask and carry out two different tasks with mastery. This enables them to navigate the market easily and become qualified for various opportunities. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

According to Crunchbase, Sam Tabar is the chief operations officer at Full Cycle Energy Fund. He is also the chief financial officer at Awearable Apparel. These two distinguished professions put him ahead of his peers. They are competitive in a market that reward diversity. Tabar is very aggressive in business. He fights for what he wants.

Sam Tabar’s line of career is different and peculiar. It fits in with the new job market considering that there are no sufficient jobs in the industry for everyone. This way of approaching the new job market shows the ability of Sam Tabar to lead at a different level with different approaches.

The strategies he uses to address the different roles that he holds show his ability to master two related fields. He works with various departments and is a role model to everyone in society.

His achievements at the different positions that he holds show that he is in a position to work with various people. Tabar has an open-minded approach towards life in general. His leadership qualifies him in the global market. He is multilingual and can interact with different people from different races.

The Most Important Elements of an ORM Firm

If you’re a business owner who has suffered a bad experience from a disgruntled or displeased customer, you probably desire to prevent your name from being tarnished again. An online reputation managment company is just the right company to help you keep your nose clean. However, the company that you choose has to be a reputable firm that will do everything in its power to make your online presence shine. The following are some steps you should take to ensure that you hire the appropriate team of experts:

Check the Prospects Online

Prospective employers and business partners conduct searches on their prospects all the time. It’s only right that a person who is seeking reputation help conduct some research, as well. suggests to look online and see what you can find out about the reputation management company’s work. Read the client reviews as they will be able to tell you most of you need to know.

Don’t Take Promises to Heart

Be leery of any promises that a prospective company tries to make to you. The company cannot promise results. It can only show you the improvements that it has made for other clients in the past.

Search for Statistics

Look for some statistics and try to find some solid numbers. You’ll wnat to look for increases in sales and consumer loyalty from the time that the reputation management got involved until the present time.

Conduct a Search at the BBB

You may find the ORM company on register at the Better Business Bureau. The site will show you a letter grade that you can use to make your decision about the company.

Ask Direct Questions

The final step that you will need to make after you do all the other ones is to contact the prospect and ask questions. Be direct in your questioning. You have every right to konw the prices that the company is going to charge you as well as the processes that the company will use to get results that you need. Once you feel comfortable with an ORM company, you can try the services to improve your status.


Dick DeVos’s Accomplishments From Amway, The Windquest Group And Public Service

Dick DeVos is the Chairman of the Windquest Group, a Grand Rapids investment firm that owns several Michigan-based businesses and sponsors some non-profit entities as well. Recently The Windquest Group appointed Phil Dolci to be CEO of its subsidiary, The Stowe Company and also bought the shares of Coppercraft, a Holland, MI brewing company. Dick and his wife Betsy have made billions over their career but have also donated large amounts back to the Grand Rapids community and even across Michigan and around the nation. The DeVos’s have usually kept quiet about how much they give, but after Betsy was chosen to be Secretary of Education by President Trump, the DeVos’s decided to let the public know the ballpark of their philanthropy amount which is estimated to be around $139 million.


Dick DeVos comes from a strong business background and a family of entrepreneurs. The company he started out with, Amway Corporation was cofounded by his father, Richard DeVos Sr. Richard DeVos Sr. was an advisor and personal friend of former President Gerald Ford and also currently owns the NBA’s Orlando Magic. Dick entered upper management of Amway after completing his bachelor’s degree at Northwood University, and at age 29 he was already placed in charge of many operational decisions. He and his brothers Daniel and Douglas were tasked with strategic marketing and overseas growth strategies, and under their leadership Amway became a major powerhouse in the Asian and Australian markets. Dick grew sales even more as CEO from 1993 to 2002, but then left the company that year to solely run The Windquest Group.


Dick and Betsy’s most notable philanthropy really began when Dick ran for the state Board of Education in 1990 and worked to get reform policies passed. But they really wanted to help private schools gain access to more resources and help underprivileged students afford them, so they started several scholarship funds to that end. They attempted to get legislation passed for tax credits and vouchers favoring the private schools, but the measure came up short of the needed votes. The DeVos’s did continue to bring education projects to the table and in 2010 they started an aviation-based charter school, the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


Other places that have benefited from the DeVos’s giving are the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., Heritage Foundation, Action and Hudson Institutes, and several Children’s Hospitals. Dick and Betsy both ran in politics with Betsy as the Michigan Republican Party chairperson for several years, and Dick ran in the 2006 gubernatorial race against incumbent Jennifer Granholm though he came up short. Dick DeVos won the Spectrum Health Foundation’s Art of Giving award that same year, and several years before he penned the book Rediscovering American Values.


Chris Burch Brings A New Approach To Fashion

One of the hardest things for business executives to do is to provide vision to companies. Many executive skills can be taught to some degree. However, there are some things regarding running a business that cannot be taught, these have to be a part of an executive. The ability to have vision to know where and how to lead a company is one of the things that separates average executives from great executives.


There are numerous business industries where business vision is more important than other industries concerning the possibility of success in the industries. Some industries do not require as much business vision as others. Two of the industries where business vision is essential regarding success in the industries is the technology industry and the fashion industry. In both industries, business vision is crucial. One of the reasons why business vision is crucial in the technology and fashion industries is because both industries depend heavily on new innovations.


In its purest form, new innovations depend on vision. Innovation brings new ideas, services, products, and concepts to the market. It takes business vision to be able to see the direction to take a company in the technology and fashion industries. In the fashion industry, one of the new innovations that has been brought out based on vision from company executives is the use of technology in fashion designs and fashion creations.


The use of technology in fashion is one of the ways that fashion companies try to stay ahead in the very competitive fashion industry. Business vision gives executives new ideas to try and along with other talents and skills, executives are able to take companies forward. The fashion industry has a compelling new idea regarding the use of technology with fashion. Several fashion companies are using popular technology products to showcase fashion designs.


A business executive who has outstanding business vision is Chris Burch. A business executive who started his first company while still in college, Chris Burch has started and successfully ran numerous companies. He has an interest in starting and managing companies to success. He has done it in various industries including the technology and fashion industries.


Chris Burch has made a name for himself in both the technology and fashion industries. He has business vision that allows him to be able to lead companies in ways that few executives can match. An innovative executive with a lot of business savvy, Chris Burch continues to be a powerful executive in the business world.




Sujit Choudhry – Promoting The Growth And Understanding Of Comparative Law Globally

Comparative law is one of the most important legislation in today’s world because it helps the legal experts to constitute the legal framework when two countries are engaging in an active partnership. It helps in the formation of a common legal platform through which different countries can work with each other without causing any discrepancies in their respective countries.


It is important for the countries to work together to advance their social and economic status and help their population to progress. In many cases, the age old laws come in and act as an obstacle for different countries to work on various issues together. The comparative law helps in understanding what the differences and similarities in the legal systems that are followed across the globe are. In a way, it helps in understanding what can be done to bridge the differences that exist in the jurisdictions of different countries, so a common passage can be created that would make collaboration between countries possible.


The comparative law also helps the government and the constitution to make necessary amendments with time. It is because comparative law helps in pinpointing the clauses that are coming in the way of globalization and modernization. As with everything else, the legal systems need to evolve as well with time to remain progressive. The comparative law would help the governments to understand the flaws in the current system so that crucial issues can be raised and essential bills for amendment are passed.


About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is one of the most well-known names in the world of Comparative Law and is widely recognized in the field. He is the co-founder of Center of Constitutional Transitions, which is a University Center that is deeply involved with researching on and mobilizing the principles of comparative law. He is a consultant at World Bank Institute and is also a member of the United Nations Mediation Roster. View here.


Click for more details.


Based on, he has played a vital role in the formation of a constitution for many countries, such as Sri Lanka, Nepal, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, and South Africa. He has done intense research on comparative law and has written numerous globally recognized articles on a comparative law that are published in various reputed law journals. Sujit Choudhry was also awarded as the Practitioner of the year in 2011 by South Asian Bar Association of Toronto. He has in past work for NYU School of Law and is currently the dean of law at Berkeley College. He is consulted by many international authorities and organizations when it comes to comparative law. Click here.



The young expert recruiter -Yanni Hufnagel


Yanni Hufnagel is an assistant men’s basketball coach at the University of Nevada Wolf Pack. He grew up in Scarsdale, New York. Yanni studied at Scarsdale High School where he was an active participant of the basketball team but later got cut from the varsity’s basketball team due to his short height. In 2006, he graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Labor Relations. Later in 2010, he graduated with a Masters in Adult and Higher Education from Oklahoma.


Hufnagel passion for basketball started from his early childhood. As a child, he used to read coaching books and play with basketball players figurines. At Cornell University, Hufnagel got an internship with the New Jersey Nets where he was allocated picking up of laundry. Hufnagel has been described by the likes of Jeff Capel and Taylor Griffin as a genuine, hardworking and energetic man. Attributes that he portrayed when he volunteered to become an assistant coach at Harvard University; a job that he took very seriously despite the little income.


His professional career started at Harvard University as the men’s basketball team assistant coach in the month of June 2009. It was at Ivy League university that Yanni Hufnagel showed his ability to recruit new talent. Several surveys can support this to recruit over the recent past. In 2011, A CBS Sports tally of votes by his peers showed him as one who would make it big due to his recruiting ability. Two years later, his input as a recruiter at Vanderbilt recruiting class of 2014 landed them at position 29 nationally, was acknowledged by ESPN.


Many of his peer’s credit Hufnagel as having helped recruit star collegiate basketball players such as Wade Baldwin IV, Matthew Fisher Davies, Jaylen Brown, Ivan Rabb and Jeremy Lin, in his career in Harvard Crimsons, Vanderbilt, and the University of California. Hufnagel has accomplished many great a fete as young aspiring coach.





AXA Advisors is the Leading Global Insurance Provider

AXA Advisors is a multinational insurance firm with its headquarters based in Paris. AXA is a combination of separately run businesses that provides insurance, investment management, and other financial services globally.


AXA was established in 1816 as the Ancienne Mutuelle. It went on to acquire several companies, including Campagnie Parisienne De Garantie and the Drouot Group. In 1985, Ancienne Mutuelle changed its name to AXA, a name they settled on for its simplicity in pronunciation by people of all languages. It later acquired two insurance companies: The Equitable and the Assurance De Paris, based in the United States and France respectively. After acquiring these companies, AXA temporarily rebranded to AXA-UAP, before reverting to AXA in 1999. Since then, the company has added more businesses to its wings, including Guardian Royal Exchange, Sun Life & Provincial Holdings, and Winterthur Group.


Philanthropic Involvement


AXA Advisors is actively involved in philanthropy. The firm has an initiative dubbed AXA Heart in Action with several programs that aim to help the society. In 2008, the company launched the AXA Research Fund, a special fund that aids research aimed at understanding and stopping environmental uncertainties. AXA has funded a record 256 research projects, 230 of them being done by young researchers – Ph.D. students, and Post Doctorate researchers. The 256 studies have been implemented in 22 countries by researchers from all over the world. The research fund has supported several research institutions including HEC Paris, NUS, and the University of Bristol among others.


About Vincent Parascandola


Vincent Parascandola is the executive VP of AXA US. His work involves, recruiting and training new staff, overseeing sales, and overall growth of the company. He is an alumnus of Lubin School of Business of Pace University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.


His long and rewarding career began in 1986 at Irving Trust Company where he worked as a Systems Analyst. Two years later, he joined Prudent Insurance as an Agent. He then moved to the MONY Group as a financial professional. Mr. Vincent rose to the rank of M.D. and later field VP. In 2005, he started working at AXA Equitable where he worked in different capacities before rising to his current position.


The Exciting Life of Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is noted for his extensive knowledge of antique weaponry. In fact, there are very few people on the planet who can rival him when it comes to this subject. Michael has been able to obtain knowledge in this subject because he has been passionate about weaponry for many years. Read more:  Antique Arms and Armor Expert Michael R. Zomber, Acquires Bowie Knife Used in Attempted Assassination of John Brown

Antique guns and samurai swords are the two types of weaponry that Zomber specializes in. He has a large collection of both types of weapons. His knowledge is so vast that The History Channel and A&E will often hire him to be a consultant on many of the shows they produce.

Michael Zomber was a bright student. He was not sure what he wanted to do for a living. A career counselor suggested to Michael that he should become an English literature professor because of his love for reading. He investigated this career path and discovered that college professors make a nice salary and they get a considerable amount of time off.

Therefore, Michael enrolled in the University of Illinois and majored in both English and psychology. He then moved on to UCLA where he obtained a master’s degree in English literature. Everything was set up for Michael to start a career as an English literature professor. However, fate intervened just in time.

Michael Zoomber was bored and accepted an invitation from a friend to go to a gun show. He could not have imagined at that time that his life would be changed forever in only a few hours. He found that he was drawn to some of the older guns.

He wanted to find out as much as he could about all of them. He began to study them in his spare time. He began saving his money and bought his first gun a few days later.

Zomber spends a great deal of his time traveling around the world and giving lectures about the various subjects that are near and dear to his heart. He likes to educate people about old weapons and samurai culture. He will also bring some of his collection with him and put it on display.

Betsy DeVos Shows The Power Of Backing Education Reform

The education reform movement has always been an area where Betsy DeVos’ name has been mentioned on a regular basis; Mrs. DeVos was born in Holland, Michigan and has spent the majority of her adult life creating one of the most impressive philanthropic careers in the world. In my opinion, Betsy DeVos has been willing to take many different risks during her career, including her decision to become involved in the education reform movement when this was still seen as a fringe movement with little backing; I believe the work completed by Betsy DeVos has been amazing as she has led school choice and school voucher programs into the mainstream. Check this related article from

In my opinion the work done by Betsy DeVos and her supporters to develop school choice and voucher programs in 17 states by the end of 2016 has led to her becoming an even more important part of the education reform movement; the outcry against school voucher programs is largely based upon a rather old fashioned view of the U.S. public school system that offers little in terms of assistance to minority groups who often have little chance of achieving a high quality education. School choice and voucher programs become important in communities across the U.S. where some schools are seriously underfunded, which I believe shows how important the work of Betsy DeVos remains in the 21st century.

Betsy DeVos has achieved much of great importance in her life as she has spent many years working to improve life for families and individuals across the Michigan region, including her work to develop many different areas of community life. I believe a successful community has many different aspects to it, such as a strong economy and a strong arts scene; as a major financial donor to the Kennedy Center for the Arts Betsy DeVos has sought to create a number of projects that have a direct influence on the life of the people of Michigan, such as the ArtsPrize that encourages the public to attend exhibitions and events before voting for their personal favorite artistic work on show. After a political career that began in college and moved on to greater levels of success as the Chair of the Michigan Republican Party I was pleased to see the many years of hard work Betsy DeVos has completed have finally seen her reach the pinnacle of her education based career with her appointment as the U.S. Secretary of Education; this is not the first Presidential appointment for Betsy DeVos who was appointed to the board of the Kennedy Center for the Arts by then President George W. Bush. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

Lime Crime Adds Velvety Scandal


Lime Crime is one of the first makeup companies that sold their cosmetics primarily online. As a result, the company has attracted a growing number of followers from all corners of the world. Today, the innovative company has well over 2.6 followers on a top social media site and the numbers are growing. They recently added Scandal to their Velvetines lipstick line. The lipstick is a beautiful rich purple violet hue that is absolutely velvety smooth and adds a bit of drama to your total look. People across the Internet are raving about this new color and anxious to get their hands on the new Scandal.


Long Lasting Formula

The new Scandal Velvetine lipstick is a lipstick that features a long lasting formula that has definite staying power. Wearers also find that the lipstick is smudge proof. The color is definitely bold and sexy. It is a color that creates a bit of drama and a very unique look for the wearer.

The color actually puts the wearer and people in a great mood. In addition, it is important to note that the lipstick is purely vegan and is animal cruelty free. Purple hued lipsticks are the hottest trends on the runways, in fashion magazines, and on the hottest models. This is a trend that is expected to last through the entire year.


Girls Love Scandal

Reviews are in and the Lime Crime Girls love the new Scandal lipstick. Each and every one of the girls have their own unique take on the best way to wear the new Scandal lipstick. Some like to wear the lipstick alone, while others like to line their lips in black and add the lipstick for an even bolder look. The company has a gorgeous line of lipsticks that are in varying purple hues. It is easy to find one or several colors that match your mood and give you the opportunity to really express your creativity to the world.


Lime Crime is a makeup company that is based in Los Angeles, California. Their founder is the wonderful Doe Deere. She is waiting for everyone to get their Scandal on.