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Comcast is most notorious for their horrible customer service which my friend Flavio Maluf has personally experienced rather than for what they actually provide – cable, Internet and home phone service. Customer after customer has a Comcast horror story to share with the world.

One of the newest accounts comes from a Washington woman who wanted nothing more than to stop one of her services with the cable giant. When a final bill arrived in the mail, the name had been changed to from Lisa to ‘A**hole Brown.’ Imagine that surprise when you check your mail!

Brown says that when she called to cancel her cable service the representative on the other end of the phone tried to convince her to stay for another two years. Brown declined the offer, but says that she was never rude or out of line on the phone. She says that she has no idea why the Comcast agent would change the name on the bill.

Comcast has responded to this incident, surprisingly, offering Brown a refund for her entire two-years of service with the company. A formal apology was also issued.
Keep this up, Comcast, and you’ll eventually go into debt. And most of us cannot wait. Good job, guys. You don’t get any sprinkles; those are for winners.

As Google announced this week its plans to expand its fast-speed fiber optic infrastructure to Nashville, Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte and Atlanta in the United States, a lot of the critics of cable companies jumped for joy.

Google Fiber makes it possible for consumers to experience Internet service at 10 to 50 times the speeds offered by other companies including cable companies.

Sergio Andrade Gutierrez wonders: What does this mean for those companies?

Beyond the fact that Google’s infrastructure will give Google and other companies that rely on the Internet to help them gain customers a huge advantage over cable companies in regards to Internet service and other sales in these markets, Google Fiber will undercut the cable monopoly over television-related entertainment access. More people will be willing to cut their cables and switch to online viewing of their favorite TV shows and movies. This will also result in more people switching from satellite companies like DISH Network. Additionally, Google Fiber’s faster speeds will mean that more people will drop cable voice services and switch to VOIP.

Experts expect that several large cable companies like Time Warner and Comcast may try to take Google to task in a court of law, but it is unlikely that these companies will succeed in making Google look like it is pushing out competitors. After all, they once argued that they should be allowed to enter and compete in the Internet and voice markets.

It can be extremely difficult for a woman in the workplace, which is why Susan McGalla gives advice to women in order to help then achieve future success. Susan, the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC stands as one of the top consultants regarding branding, talent management, marketing and all sorts of other entities regarding the subject. She has made it her goal to assist women who struggle in the world of business as it is often seen as a man’s job, so many women need to put in the extra work in order to come off as equals to their male counterparts. To do this, Susan McGalla has provided some specifics in how women can do this.

For starters, higher education is extremely important. With higher education, additional opportunist make themselves available to such an individual. After all, women make up nearly half of the professional workers inside of the United States, which is why it is so important to continue on with these kinds of efforts in order to grow their professionalism. Even though it is a male dominated business ladder, it is still possible for women to succeed when they have the higher education.

Second, confidence is necessary. The combination of education and confidence makes it difficult to pass up such a woman for a job. The desire to push forward in the business world is essential, and so when someone is confident, it reflects in what they do and those around her are going to take notice.

Lastly, there is the false notion of a glass ceiling. This is no longer the case in the business world, despite many women believing there is an investable top they just can’t break though. With the right motivation, it is always possible to move past this old and dated stereotype.

The system combines the classical OCR (optical character recognition) technology scanners, with augmented reality. The text is converted into image, and translated texts are shown superimposed on the original without feeling of ‘waiting’.

The oral translator uses machine learning English, a technique used in the field of artificial intelligence that mimics how humans acquire knowledge. The more you use, the more accurate will be the results. Bernardo Chua can’t wait to try it out and see how it works.

The more data you collect, the more chances of success. The estimated current success rate of voice translator is about 80%. Yes, there are a few mistakes but a mistranslation is better than nothing. The system, of course, is not perfect. The phrases remain challenging in any language, accent is another big hurdle.

Although there are no ads and it does not generate revenue for Google, ‘Translate’ has more than 500 million monthly active users; 95% of them are outside the United States. Brazil and Mexico are those with more activity. The estimated current success rate of voice translator is about 80%.

Voice translation works in 36 languages. For the translation of signs or texts with the camera, languages are more limited.

According to media reports, Google has no intention to charge for these services. It is worth mentioning that over 1,000 million translations are performed daily through ‘Google Translate’.

Google just announced today that is making available to the public free-of-cost a universal real-time translator for printed material and spoken words. Using an Android or iOS camera, a user can now read menus, street-signs, and instructions written in one of 38 languages, and have them translated into your own, according to N4GM.

Translation apps have been around for a while. However, they have mainly been used for asynchronous text-based translation. Google has more recently allowed visual translation of languages, but this marks the arrival of real-time visual translation, using the video camera app in a smartphone.

The device uses what’s called “Word Lens” technology, one-upping previous attempts at translation by making the process more seamless in a user’s day-to-day life. This is definitely the kind of technology that Fersen Lambranho will be taking advantage of. The Google Translator also allows voice translation, though this feature requires an active data connection. Of course, such connectivity is becoming more and more ubiquitous for users everywhere. 

This brings us one step closer to a ‘one world’ scenario, further breaking down the divisions that keep us apart.

When people are struggling with back pain or spinal pressure, they can use the services of North American Spine Center to get the help that they need. This is a unique clinic that is run by doctors, nurses and physical therapists to make sure that people have a better alternative to invasive surgery. The minimally invasive procedure used at the clinic is known as AccuraScope, and they use this procedure so that people do not have to put their lives on hold for months just to get rid of back pain.

The clinic is designed to give every patient a complete experience from start to finish. Patients come into the clinic for their first consultation, and they will work with the doctors to see if they are eligible to have the procedure. Doctors can recommend physical therapy for those who do not qualify for the procedure, and the doctors can also send their patients to physical therapy after their procedures.

When patients schedule their procedure, they will come into the clinic and work with the medical staff immediately. The patients are given the procedure as quickly as possible, and they are allowed to recover in this beautiful facility. Most people are cleared to go home in a few hours, and they can begin to schedule their physical therapy.

When patients are feeling much better, they are put on a schedule of follow ups just to make sure that they are doing well. The staff never wants to have the patient in the clinic every day, and they hope that patients will be able to stop coming back because their back pain will be completely gone.

The goal of working with the North American Spine Center is no more back pain, and they have a procedure that can help anyone live a pain-free life.

Vijay Eswaran embodies the essence of success. Not a partial success but a favorable success that carries with it the desired results.
To a degree, his lifestyle as a child somewhat mirrored that of a nomad. His father worked for the Malaysian Ministry of Labor, and Eswaran’s family frequently relocated throughout that country. But, instead of retreating from the array of strange faces and surroundings, he absorbed new friends and ideas as his lifestyle.

He became a people person and learned the valuable lessons of how, why, and from what types of stimuli people respond.
After he earned his undergraduate degree, in London, he returned to his nomadic lifestyle living in Belgium, France, and England. Then he crossed the Atlantic Ocean to the United States where he added a graduate degree to his repertoire.

While in graduate school, a friend introduced him to multilevel marketing. (MLM) The concept intrigued him, and, as a personal challenge, he became involved in MLM on a part time basis. After he graduated he returned to Malaysia and continued his association in the MLM business.

Opportunities often present themselves to those who prepare, and a company approached Eswaran about introducing MLM to Malaysia. His mind envisioned the financial rewards that MLM offers serious participants, and he accepted the challenge. Using his long-developed people person skills, he and his partner began the process of introducing his home country to its first MLM company.

Spurred on by enthusiasm and desire, this small venture mushroomed into today’s Q1 Group of Companies. Q1 is a conglomerate of e-commerce businesses that include corporate investing, travel, wellness, media, luxury products, and telecommunications. Today, subsidiary companies represent Q1in the10 countries it has business interests.

Along with the exponential growth of Q1, Eswaran, too, has grown as a person. From the childhood roots he planted throughout Malaysia, has sprouted a man that has influence throughout the world. He’s an author, a world-wide business and management speaker, the recipient of many awards attesting to his success, and a beyond generous humanitarian.

From top to bottom, as his roots dictate, Eswaran lives his belief: “All things are achieved by doing small things with great love.”

A number of people were hoping that in 2014, Federal Communications Commission would make internet, as a public utility, but that did not happen.

This year, FCC chairperson Tom Wheeler assures that net neutrality will be, issued and free internet will be, provided for every person. Companies like Comcast and Verizon are worried from this Govt. intervention and they are in tension of losing their business.

Mr. Wheeler hinted towards a new approach between broadband providers and content providers, where the consumer would not pay, for everything. That makes a little sense for Gianfrancesco Genoso. He stated is thoughts on The USA president also hinted for net neutrality and called FCC to reclassify wired and wireless broadband networks.

This week in a speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Mr. Wheeler told about the favorable conditions of reclassifying broadband providers as public carriers under the Communications Act. In the next month, FCC will vote on the final regulations to reclassify the broadband networks and to use it for the public more easily.

According to the reports, Mr. Wheeler is strongly favoring President’s stance on the internet neutrality. This will be a huge step, and believe me a number of people will get direct benefit from it. The monopoly by the broadband providers will be over and every citizen will acquire the benefit from it. Seriously, net neutrality will be a game changer.

The Internet Archive, mostly known for saving historical copies of websites so they can be accessed even after being taken offline, has created an online archive of almost 2400 classic MS-DOS games that can be played directly from a webpage. This may not be the first time that any MS-DOS games have been made available online, but it is definitely one of the most comprehensive archives.

Among the thousands of games hosted on the site are such classics as Wasteland, The Oregon Trail, Master of Orion, Prince of Persia, and Leisure Suit Larry. As of this writing, the Internet Archive is continuing to add new games to the site as well, so the number of titles will continue to rise.

If you’re one of the many people like Bernardo Chua who played MS-DOS games during their formative years, this is your chance to enjoy a little well-deserved nostalgia.

Web designing is just like any other job that you get out there; it has its good times and boy does it have its bad times. It is just as bit as challenging as being an architecture, except that you will not need to go to school for 6years to get your degree.
The web designing community actually do struggle to make enough cash because of how easy it is to learn about web designing you can go to any web designing which will teach you all the basics of web design as well as making the sites in an exceptionally good manner.

With this type of ease of learning the trade, surely the competition has to be high because it is apparent that most people can learn this stuff. A story that came out on the grub street new york site talked about how a customer tipped a Whataburger worker with a 10 thousand dollar fur coat.

This is unbelievably lucky for the worker, but in web designing, you will not get as lucky jut to be handed something worth that much money. Lee G. Lovett knows the luck involved with that. It is a cut throat business out there where you have to make smart choices so as to earn the best income which in our current economic times is a bit of a problem.