John Goullet Makes An Impression In The IT Industry

The job market has changed significantly over the last decade. One of the biggest changes has been the use of technology to help job seekers and companies related to available jobs. Millions of job seekers can go to the Internet at anytime night or day to look for available jobs either on company websites or on job posting websites.


While current technology allows people to be able to locate job openings easier and quicker than in prior years, the human aspect of the job search has taken a secondary role. Many people looking for jobs via the Internet do not have the opportunity to talk to people at the companies regarding available jobs. Today, people usually just submit a resume and related job paperwork.


Another way that technology has changed the way people look for jobs is through the use of staffing companies. Many companies today no longer handle the daily tasks of filling job openings internally. Many companies use third party staffing companies to handle all aspects of bringing in people to fill positions either full time or on a temporary basis.


One of the staffing companies that has shown excellent service regarding assisting people and companies related to job openings is Diversant. The company helps professionals and companies in the IT industry. Diversant is guided by John Goullet. As the primary executive at Diversant, John Goullet has received a high level of praise for his leadership. John Goullet has made Diversant a leading staffing company in the IT industry. He has been able to blend the use of technology and human resources to assist IT professionals and IT companies related to finding good job and personnel matches.


John Goullet has an impressive technology background that he uses on a daily basis in his executive role at Diversant. John Goullet technology background includes his time from 1994 to 2010 as the founder and CEO of Info Technologies. As the CEO of Info Technologies, John Goullet was in the day-to-day operations of managing and making technology decisions. This time has given him an understanding of the IT staffing industry from various aspects.


Avi Weisfogel Says Dentists More Likely To Diagnose Sleep Apnea

Long before The Academy of General Dentistry noted the link among sleep apnea and the need for oral sleep appliances, Dr. Avi Weisfogel was educating the dental profession on telltale signs. Avi Weisfogel, an expert on sleep disorders and the founder of Dental Sleep Masters has been the consultant to dentists nationwide. He developed well-regarded research that the dental profession can more than likely notice a patients risk factors quicker, and in many cases treat with a dental appliance.

It’s estimated that nearly 22 million people have undiagnosed sleep apnea, with about 80 percent of that number suffering from a severe form of the disease. It’s a frequent cause of dangerous respiratory distress, and the most common symptoms of the sleep disorder is snoring and being tired the next day. Left untreated, this nightly respiratory disorder can have serious consequences such as hypertension, myocardial infarction or stroke. Obesity and alcoholism are two of the most important risk factors, and the life expectancy of untreated sleep apnea is considerably shortened. For the most part, people ignore the common signs of sleeping disorders. Unless a significant other points out the issues with snoring, you probably won’t know you have a problem. Yet, sleep deprivation impacts your productivity, and that’s an easy one to notice.

Avi Weisfogel, founder of Dental Sleep Masters has helped bring growing awareness about sleep apnea to the public. Working nearly 15 years as a general dentist in Old Bridge, New Jersey, and honored with several “Best Dentist” awards, Weisfogel began researching the links among sleep disorders and the dental industry. He became a consultant to the dental profession, helping professionals realize the common sense approach to treating sleep apnea patients. Dental appliances became a go-to approach and effective option for addressing sleep disorders.In 2010, Weisfogel established Healthy Heart Sleep. Sleep labs focused on sleep wellness and a comprehensive approach to decoding sleep disorders. A restful nights sleep is imperative to health and wellness, and according to Avi Weisfogel, it’s best to catch any problems early on.



It is a medical journal that talks about the research on Oncology a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cancer. It entails all molecules, pathways and cellular functions found in cancer cells and microbes.

The journal Oncotarget was founded in the year 2010 and is published by Impact Journals. Its editors in chief are Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail V. Blagosklonny all who are based at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY.

The oncotargets aim is to make available all the scientific research, results and to allow the sharing of discoveries’. It eliminates the borders between the specialists as the researchers are to contribute and help fight the disease.

The Oncotarget Journal published an article Vol 7. No 47 E-cigarettes and flavorings induce inflammatory…E-cigs to have a significant proportion of tobacco consumption which may cause an oral problem. Oxidative stress via carbonyl protein causes DNA damage inflammation.It creates a state of growth that brings chronic inflammation in gingival epithelium leading to the pathogenesis of an oral disease. E-cigs create more oxidative stress and inflammatory cytokine in human’s periodontal ligaments. Increased levels of prostaglandin E2 and cytoxygenase-2 are brought by advanced glycation end products are as a result of increased oxidative and inflammatory response and damage of DNA together with histone deacetylase 2 (HDAC2) in the gingival epithelium is due to E-cigs. Flavored E-cigs elicit the greater response. The response in periodontal cells may result in increased oxidative stress, pro-inflammatory, and pro-senescence. There is data to show the role of E-cig aerosol and its flavoring to cells and tissue of the mouth with oral health. Visit BioxBio.Com for more journal info.

The journal publishes results of researches done by specialists and oncologist. Its achieves found on its website where they have all their images for a view. As of 2015, the onto target had a relatively high impact factor which is expected to grow.

Oncotarget is found in almost all social media sites and different languages. This is to allow easy access and ease of sharing information. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

Gastric cancer is also known as stomach cancer starts in the innermost layer of the stomach wall. The bacteria called H. pylori is the common source of the stomach cancer. Old age is also a risk factor. There is no clear way to cure stomach cancer though researchers are still trying to find its treatment. Taking antibiotics helps reduce gastric cancer.

EOS Offers a Variety of Quality Lip Balm Flavors

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) started when its founders decided to make a product that would stand out and rival the competition. After pitching their lip balms to a buyer for Walgreens, EOS lip balms became extremely popular, and their sphere shape is easy to spot. There have even been a stock of the famous brand in various Ulta stores and Target supermarkets. EOS has become such a trusted brand that celebrities like Anna Kendrick, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian have even been known to use the products.

Popular lip balm flavors from EOS include Honeysuckle Honeydew, which has a slightly sweet taste and pleasant aroma. The lip balm also contains natural ingredients like jojoba oil and vitamin E to moisturize the lips and shield them from harsh weather conditions. Strawberry Sorbet( is another well-known EOS lip balm flavor, and is particularly popular in the spring and summer months. The fresh scent of the balm is appealing, and the product contains shea butter, which helps to protect the lips against sun damage. Vanilla and vanilla mint lip balms are also available from EOS, and these balms soothe the lips and can help to prevent dryness.

EOS also offers hand lotions and a number of shaving creams to protect and moisturize the skin. For additional info, visit


Bruno Fagali: A Prominent Lawyer from Brazil

Bruno Jorge Fagali is one of the rising lawyers from Brazil who is adding a new dimension to the legal system of this nation. With years of legal experiences and in-depth knowledge in Administrative Law, Bruno Fagali has made an unprecedented reputation for himself. He has been involved with a number of law firms since 2006 where practiced in different law disciplines. Right now he serves as the Corporate Integrity Manager in Nova/SB and practices independently through his own agency named Fagali Law Firm.

Bruno Fagali has an extensive academic background in legal studies. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the Prestigious Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo in 2009. Afterward, he completed his Master’s Degree in State, Administrative and Anti-Corruption Law from the University of Sao Paulo in 2017. Bruno Fagali has been consistently pursuing opportunities for personal and professional development. Hence, he has participated in numerous courses that include but do not limit to State Law Administrative Law, Parliamentary and much more. Bruno Fagali was also a Scholarship holder of the University of Sao Paulo where he played a crucial role in its Program of Improvement of Teaching.

Throughout his professional career, Bruno Fagali was involved with some of the biggest law firms in the country. During his studies, he worked as an Intern in different law firms’ in Sao Paolo. He has served as Lawyer in a law firm called Radi, Calil and Associados Advocacia between 2012 and 2014. He started his own Law Firm in July 2016 where he has been independently practicing Compliance, Public Law, Anti-Corruption, and Election Law. He is also working as the Corporate Integrity Manager at “Nova/SB” one of the largest advertising agencies in the country. He has played a pivotal role in developing its code of conduct which is in compliance with the Anti-Corruption Law making it a pioneer in the Brazilian advertising sector.

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John Goullet Improves Information Technology

John Goullet is the Principle of DIVERSANT Limited Liability Company. He is a talented innovator who has come with advanced technology solving the most painful situations faced by human beings. That is why he has been successful in entrepreneurship and technology because they go hand in hand. He started his career as an Information Technology consultant but later turned into Information Technology staffing account executive. He wanted to have a type of business that looks into the comprehension of different environments of firms and requirements of IT staffing.

His company was also focused on the provision of Information Technology solutions to more than five hundred companies across the whole nation. He worked hard and finally managed to grow his business to a worth of thirty million dollars within just a period of five years. Because of such growth, the company earned the eighth position in the ranking by the Inc. Magazines and it was also ranked among the top five hundred growing companies of the United States. Later, he combined Info Technologies with DIVERSANT in 2010.

Today, DIVERSANT has become among the top leading companies in the United States. It is a company that is always looking for innovative ways to serve its clients and ensures that they are satisfied with the services that they receive. It has a broad range of products such as IT staffing, innovative diversity of solutions and staffing augmentation among many other services. The firm provides products and services that are unique, and it follows policies that are outstanding. It is a company that helps clients in solving issues that they face in daily lives. Most of these problems are critical, but they have been addressed by this company that comes with innovative services.

The company has been successful because it provides different businesses with the Information Technology that is always needed in these growing markets. It has the right and useful ways of vetting individuals so that they can provide the companies with people who are qualified and experts in the Information Technology field. With the right kind of vetting, then societies are always sure to get the most qualified individuals. John Goullet has been the best in the field of technology and helping businesses to grow technologically.

Powerful E-Library

The Wessex Institute of Technology’s E-Library or WIT Press as it is more commonly referred to, is a home to a host of remarkable online resources. The internet is full of online resources, however, WIT Pres is without a doubt one of the best. A few of the benefits users can experience at the WIT Pres e-Library are more than 28,000 Open Access peer reviewed papers available to download. This is an immense amount of data at ones disposable. This information can be accessed and navigating easily thanks to the quick and powerful search functions that the e-library is equip with. Once one has discovered the content they wish to access, they can render such information into a PDF format via quick and speedy download. Whatever information one is looking for, one can rest assure that at the WIT Press Library they will have instant access to the latest and best research available. See for profile.

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Discover The Best Company, OSI Group

The company was formed in 1909.It is based in Aurora, Illinois, with branches in America, Asia, Europe and many more areas. It is a leading processing company. It focuses on value addition in various meals. It is aimed at ensuring a healthy family. Currently, David McDonald is the president and chief operating officer. He has seen an increased growth of the company. Its success has been brought by much experience in the industry and quality services to its clients. The company has cemented its name with elaborate sales personnel who ensure their products are available in all areas.

OSI Group ranks among the largest firms in the world according to Forbes. Concerning this, it requires a lot of workers of different skills to match with its large size. To enable it the company continuously recruits new employees. They believe that with the change in trends in business there is need to keep on adding fresh minds. It makes the organization’s human resource managers to embark on searching the talented and skilled employees tirelessly. As the company offers equal employment opportunity. It becomes a home for nurturing the undergraduate talents as well as also accommodating the experienced persons. The better remuneration package provided by the firm attracts the clients more.

To increase its services and offer superior quality, it has recently been purchasing other films among the one’s investment led are the Flagship Europe, Tyson Food store in Chicago and the Baho food. The company bought the three firms for expansion with the aim of diversifying the products they were producing. Also, it was an important aspect of increasing the market share in Europe and the rest of the parts. The other motive was to grow their level of production.

The company’s achievements have been notable, and it has seen it receive various honors and also acknowledgments. In 2016 the company was awarded the Globe of Honor Award by the British Safety Council.

Community Plays A Major Part In The Life Of Betsy DeVos

The nomination of Betsy DeVos to the role of Secretary of Education for the U.s. has raised her profile among a large number of people, but I was already aware of the good works Mrs. DeVos has been performing throughout her life in her native Michigan and beyond. There are few people I could imagine performing as many and as varied a group of tasks as Betsy DeVos has done over the course of her life to date; from leading the cause for education reform to taking up a role as Director of the Kennedy Center for the Arts at the behest of President George W. Bush, Mrs. DeVos has always performed all tasks to as high a standard as possible.

In my opinion, the work performed for education reform by Betsy DeVos has been of great importance in gaining political acceptance for the education reform movement as it has moved from being seen as an extremist group to a nationally accepted political community. I believe the role Betsy DeVos has taken has been of great importance as she has been a dedicated supporter and proven she can perform a range of tasks far beyond the limits of providing funding for the movement from the personal fortune she has developed as a businessperson. In researching the educational aspects of the career of Betsy DeVos I was struck by the many different aspects of her work, including the time taken by the Calvin College graduate to travel the country and promote school choice and voucher programs for no financial return.

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The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has, in my own opinion, become a major source of good works among many different communities around the world. Obviously, the philanthropic works of Betsy DeVos include her decision to establish the West Michigan Aviation Academy charter school, and the Thunderbird School of Global Management where the SHARE Scholarship created by Dick and Betsy DeVos is issued to students from developing countries hoping to impact their own communities in the future.

I am always shocked to discover just how hard Betsy DeVos must work to maintain the many different positions she has developed in politics, business, and philanthropy. I believe an important role that has prepared Betsy DeVos to take on an even greater public profile in the future is her leadership of the Michigan Republican Party. One of the most impressive aspects of the life of Betsy DeVos has been the creation and leadership she has shown with various foundations, such as the Alliance for School Choice that looks to attract funding for scholarships provided to needy students hoping to attend charter schools across the U.S. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

Desiree Perez Brings Tidal Out of a Slump

The closer that people get to Tidal the more they are going to notice one thing: Jay-Z is not the only one behind this organization. This is a company that has been able to do some great things like moving beyond what is the norm in music streaming and giving customers a completely different experience. That is what Desiree Perez represents. She is sounding the trumpet and letting people know about the way that this music streaming service is a higher echelon above the competition.


Desiree works in the nightclub business. She has done some contract negotiations for Jay-Z with this sports franchise. She has a great amount of work experience that has allowed her to stay grounded. She has worked in many different capacities, and this is what let her to build a better music streaming service with Jay-Z. Many people are thrilled to learn about what is happening with Tidal, but people cannot overlook the grand influence that Perez has had on turning this company around. There was a time when no one knew what Tidal was about, and no one wanted to know anything about it. There were other dominant players in the game, and Tidal was riding the bench hard.

According to, it would take a great amount of time for Tidal to rise up and become this champion streaming service that supplied people with the exclusives that were not found anywhere else. This company became a representative on the music streaming services that would also include more visuals. There were exclusive albums and concerts. It was a new dawn for music streaming that Desiree Perez ushered in. She didn’t come into the music streaming to play the way that everyone else was playing. Instead, Desiree Perez wanted to make people realize that Tidal offered something new.  See for more.

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