Sujit Chaudhry And His Distinguished Brilliance In Comparative Law

Comparative law is a branch of law that has been the subject of many debates and research projects. This field involves the study of disparities and similitudes in the disposition of legislation governing different nations across the world. It comprises of an in-depth study of basic structure and blueprints that determine what laws govern different nations according to the theory of sovereign status. Today, comparative law has been revolutionized by the fast paced modern revolution pushed by various agendas including democratization, internationalism and the impact of innovation on the global economy. There is no valid debate about the comparative law if Prof. Sujit Choudhry is missing on the panel. He is one of the respected comparative law experts of all time.

As a seasoned legal scholar, the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the UCB School of Law has spent lengthy period dissecting and researching constitutional components of different legal systems and how they relate. Chaudhry contends that democracies should evaluate what other nations have implemented in their laws so as to come up with a polished constitution with ideal statutes. In the context, Chaudhry has championed the cause of an inclusive constitutional design process as a key pillar when transiting from conflict into sober democratic space.

Sujit Choudhry is an internationally acclaimed figure in comparative law. His educational background gave him a firm foundation. Besides, he has extensive hands-on skills in the field and the classroom as a lecturer. By merit, he has been recognized as one of the shining lights in the comparative law field. He is the brains behind Center for Constitutional Transitions.  Check on for more reading. This body encourages and foster knowledge that supports legal structuring in different regions worldwide. Chaudhry has been on the frontline mobilizing international law experts to indulge and implement critical research using evidence-based options for lawmakers.  To learn more about his work, visit his website here.

Sujit Choudhry is a man with a multitude of titles and awards. He sits on several top boards including the Governing Toronto Advisory Panel, Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law Editorial Advisory Board, International Journal of Constitutional Law Board of Editors as well as the Constitutional Court Review Editorial Board. More on  His legal background stretches back to his days as a Rhodes Scholar in Oxford where he got a Bachelor of Arts in Law. He later joined the University of Toronto and pursued a degree in Law. The UN recognized his efforts, and he is actively involved in the United Nations Meditation Roster that works to recommend constitutional reforms in different countries across continents.  Related article on

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James Dondero Achieves Much Success With Highland Global Allocation Fund

James (Jim) Dondero is a renowned portfolio manager, who capitalizes on his ability to solve investment puzzles by exploring complex debts, emerging trends and turnarounds at Highland Capital. Being a pioneer in collateralized loan obligations, Jim has ridden on the success of fixed income to incorporate a $15 billion alternative asset investment firm, Highland Capital Management. Through Highland Global Allocation Fund, which is worth $894 million, James offers mutual fund investors with liquid and inexpensive access to some of their most innovative investment options. In the past one year, the fund has improved by 29.6 percent. This way, it ranks highly on Morningstar’s world allocation category. The Highland Global Allocation Fund holds under 200 securities, unlike an average world allocation fund that holds close to 400 securities. In 2014 and 2015, the fund had impressive performance in the energy sector.

James Dondero was born in Hoboken, New Jersey. He enrolled in the University of Virginia to study accounting and finance. He intended to venture into real estate business, but the crisis experienced in the industry shifted his focus to the credit market. He made huge success in the industry considering that he managed $1 billion in fixed income assets for American Express within five years. James and Mark Okada partnered to form Highland Capital Management in 1993. Today the corporation has a workforce of over 165 workers. Initially, they focused on credit, but expanded into collateralized loan obligations, and other alternative investments. The two shrewd entrepreneurs launched their first alternative mutual fund in 2000.

James Dondero, who works as the company’s President, comes up with investment ideas, which he presents to his research team of alpha analysts for vetting. As the previous bigger themes start to play out, Dondero is shifting his focus to emerging trends, including wind power and nonopioid pain medication. In 2014, Texas energy company, Vistra Energy, went bankrupt with a debt of $40 billion. Highland bought the company’s secured debt, which they later converted to equity. James Dondero is also known for his philanthropic engagement. Through Highland Capital Management, he has been donating $3.5 million to various nonprofit organizations in Dallas annually.

Demi Lovato Encourages People And Inspires Them With The Use Of Fashion

There is so much that could be done with fashion. Many people can buy new clothes and accessories for many different purposes. One of the most common purposes is a renewed sense of self. Other people use fashion to inspire. However, one of the best ways to use fashion is for the purpose of finding something unique about oneself to present to the world. This is one of the best ways to increase good feelings about oneself. One good thing to do is find an example to follow of fashionable celebrities. Among the examples of stylish people are Demi Lovato and Kate Hudson.


Demi Lovato is one person who has reinvented herself. She has gone through so many personal struggles and has emerged as a strong individual. She is an inspiration to many people. A lot of her fans want to emulate some of her qualities. One of the qualities that they can take inspiration from is her sense of style. She is very thoughtful about the clothes that she wears. She has made it to the point that Fabletics has decided that they want her to put together a collection of clothes that they can market to people.


One thing that Demi Lovato has based her collection on is empowerment and positive change. She has chosen styles that represent her ideals. Given that she is very active in her daily life, she has chosen clothing that can help her be active. One good thing about Fabletics is that it has clothing for all types of styles and fashion personalities. Women that want to be creative with fashion will have a real fun time as they put together their style. This could influence their personality in ways that are helpful to their development and their ability to handle what life throws at them.


Women and teenage girls have a lot of challenges that they are faced with. For one thing, they have to deal with the messages that society throws at them about what beauty is. This in and of itself lowers their sense of self worth. Fortunately, Demi Lovato is there to show them an example of self compassion. She takes the time to put on clothing that brings out her best assets. Therefore, she is able to show people that anyone can look good when they put effort into their appearance. Also, being adventurous is a good thing for people that are interested in style.

Talk Fusion: Anyone can use It and have Success

When it comes to Talk Fusion, it is the kind of product that anyone out there can use, which is what makes it so popular. Even though it is highly advanced and it has great video, chat, and data, Bob Reina, the IT team, and everyone that works at Talk Fusion has made it to where everywhere out there can use it and have success with it. That was the goal from day one and they have stuck with it all the way through and they have seen it grow to great heights. It is always rewarding for a company when they know they have made something special and they have something truly unique on their hands.

With Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion, it was created in the year 2007. Bob Reina wanted to send out video emails and had a brilliant idea to start up a company that would transform the way people communicate with one another. It is amazing how many people have misunderstandings and miscommunications with each other. The bottom line is they don’t have to anymore with Talk Fusion. They can actually see someone, talk to them, and interact with them. It shows their true feelings and their true thoughts throughout the whole process. Click here to know more.

That is why they are an award-winning company, which is not something to take lightly. It is very, very hard to win awards as a tech company, but Talk Fusion won two awards in 2016 from the Technology Marketing Corporation, with the most recent one being the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award. It is positive reinforcement that all of the hard work, long hours, and time they have put into this product was worth it. Make no mistake about it, they didn’t make this product to win any awards. That was not the end game.

However, it is always a step in the right direction when a company can win awards and they can do get the proper praise from people that know what they are talking about as the company that gave out the award is considered a media giant.

Foresite Capital’s Jim Tananbaum Announces New Venture Partner

Jim Tananbaum, CEO of San Fransisco-based Foresite Capital, recently announced the recruitment of Dr. Mallory He as a new venture partner. Dr. He, an expert in protein reagents, has spent her career in pharmaceutical and genomic researcher and development. Before her new role at Foresite, she studied protein reagents at Pacific Biosciences and Illumina, where she was head of development. Dr. He also has 20 patents and patent applications to her name.

Jim Tananbaum is pleased that Dr. He, who earned her PhD in Protein Biophysics at UCLA, is joining the Foresite team. According to Jim Tananbaum, Dr. He is one of the top pharmaceutical researchers in the world when it comes to next-generation sequences and personalized medicine.

Jim Tananbaum founded Foresite Capital in 2011 in order to help bring disruptive products to market in the bio-pharmaceutical industry. He holds an MD from Harvard Medical School as well as an MS from MIT. Prior to medical school, he earned an MBA from Harvard and studied electrical engineering at Yale. While still in school, he founded Geltex Pharmaceuticals, where he managed to carry out the impressive feat of bringing 2 new drugs to market for under $80 million, one of which currently produces revenues of around $1 billion. In addition to Foresite Capital, he has been involved in other VC firms, such as Sierra Ventures and Prospect Venture Partners. At both companies, he was at the helm of major investments in the biomedical and pharmaceutical sector. You can visit Peloton Therapeutics for more details.

In addition to his work at Geltex, Tananbaum was a co-founder of Theravance, a company which holds a joint venture with GSK called Innovina. Theravance also spun off another company under the name Theravance Biopharma. Both Theravance and Theravance Biopharma are worth around $3.2 billion together. He sits on the council of Yale University as well as the advisory committee of the Yale engineering school.

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What’s The Craze With Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair?

Are you looking for a bright new color for your hair? A color unlike any other? One that is made from all natural ingredients and lasts for longer than one wash? If so, Unicorn Hair by Lime Crime is right up your ally!


Their Unicorn Hair line offers a wide range of colors, in both tints and full coverage options, allowing you to really turn your locks into a unicorn mane! With colors ranging from pinks to blues to purples and everything in between!


Why do we love Lime Crime and it’s Unicorn Hair line? We love that not only is it a high performance hair dye that is semi-permanent, meaning it won’t wash out overnight, but we also love that unlike a lot of hair dyes out there, it doesn’t contain bleach or ammonia! Every single color is completely vegan and cruelty-free!


With 13 shades and having been in the making for the last three years, we couldn’t be more excited to experience the bright colors and at a fraction of the cost of other commercial hair dyes. For only $16 a jar, it’s affordable for both professionals and newbies trying out a new look!


Bright colors are all the rage right now and we feel like this is a trend that is sure to last a while! Who wouldn’t love to have bright pink or deep purple locks this spring? Are you looking for a more subtle look? Their tint shades are perfect then, offering a pastel look in a variety of colors!


Having been known for being a cruelty free, vegan friendly brand that has been a cult favorite for years. Unlike most companies, they do not test on animals and they do not rely on harsh chemicals to give amazing results. With the addition of their Unicorn Hair line to their current line up, we are more excited than ever to see what they come up with next!

If It’s Made In Brazil It’s Made For Success

Eucatex commenced its business on November 23, 1951. Eucatex was modeled after the Americana Sawmill Americana, which was established in 1923, in São Paulo, Brazil. The company has gone through dramatic changes. Their first product manufactured was producing ceiling tiles and panels.


Flavio Maluf was hired by Eucatex at the behest of his uncle, in 1987. He started at the bottom. Eucatex was in Maful’s family. It was a family decision for Maluf to work for Eucatex because, in 1987, Maful’s uncle was the President of Eucatex.


Flavio Maluf received his undergraduate degree from Fundaao Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation in Sao Paulo. He majored in mechanical engineering. This university is considered prestigious, and it gave Maluf a certain measure of gravitas. He then studied business administration at New York University. Maluf’s education uniquely prepared him for the business world.


After Maluf worked in Eucatex, making ceiling tiles from eucalyptus trees, he then moved to the industrial area. In 1996, with his family’s blessing, Flavio Maluf was named as the President of the Eucatex Group.


In the 1900’s, Brazil was undergoing positive economic changes with an increasing export trade and oil production. It was at this time that Maluf was starting to export its unique ceiling tiles to Europe and other countries. Exporting ceiling tiles was a successful venture.


As a result, Maluf diversified Eucatex’s product line, which included paint, varnishes construction material, acoustical tiles, and furniture. Eucatex export business has expanded to over 37 countries, including the United Sates, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Holland, and Germany. Eucatex developed from a family business into a multi-million dollar success.


Flavio Maluf is also a philanthropist. He has mainly focused on the healthcare industry. He gave an ultra modern X-ray machine to Idio Carli Hospital and Maternity.


Early in Maluf’s leadership of Eucatex, he was concerned about the environment. Eucatex’s use of the eucalyptus tree is used to produce environmentally safe wooden products. He is also committed to solar power in Eucatex’s offices, recycling and he focuses on reforestation. In particular, he agreed with Brazil’s global environmental concerns.

Talk Fusion Can Now Be Yours

Anyone that knows Bob Reina knows he has never, ever been shy about giving back. In fact, he has made it a top priority in his life. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty in this realm. He knows there are many people in need and the more people he can help, the better the world will be in the long run in his view. He is always looking at things from a world view and how he can make them better. He knows that Talk Fusion is the kind of product that can change the world and change people’s lives.


He also knows there are a lot of people out there that might be afraid to try it for whatever reason. Now, with Talk Fusion offering 30-day free trials, those days of being afraid are gone. A lot of people can be scared of change. Bob Reina is proving that change is good and change is for the better. There is nothing wrong with change. It is something that people should be embracing. By giving them a 30-day free trial, they can find out for themselves what Talk Fusion is all about and all of the perks that come with it.


Bob was quoted as saying he wanted to put the product into as many people’s hands as possible. He knows he has something good, and he is very confident in it. The thing about Bob Reina is he is never arrogant or smug about it. There is a big difference. In 2016, they won two major awards from the same company. This proves they are on the right path and they are doing the right thing in the moment and well into the future. That is because Bob sees it all and he does it all.


However, Bob is also quick to thank his IT team, his staff, and everyone involved at Talk Fusion. He knows this is not something that happened by accident. It happened with a lot of work and a lot of manpower. Everyone pitched in to make it what it is and make it special.




Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye for the Fantasy Stricken

Following in the trendy footsteps of unicorn hype, Lime Crime hasn’t sold us short on their new semi-permanent hair dye line called, “Unicorn Hair” which has hit the shelves since April 3rd. Known not only for their vegan-friendly products but also for their fun, ridiculous names, “Unicorn Hair” is no different. Offering 13 crazy, bright, and daring colors from their dark teal/turquoise ‘dirty mermaid’, to the bright, bubble-gum pink ‘bunny’, you can be assured to find the right color for you to bring out your inner unicorn magic.


One of the great features of “Unicorn Hair” hair dyes is their user-friendly approach to the formula, ranging in use from newbies just learning to dive off the deep-end for that mom-unapproved color to salon professionals. Although they claim no lightening of the hair is necessary to use the product, they do recommend being at least medium blonde to achieve the best saturation and match to the bottled color. Also, if you didn’t want the full-blown color, they offer color tints for the more subtle unicorns. A pro to using this product and why someone would want to try this versus a competitive brand (Manic Panic, anyone?) is the vegetable-based ingredients providing a more gentle dye-job on your precious hair. It’s almost expected to have to lighten or bleach before using this hair dye, so knowing that you’re not bombarding your follicles with unknown scary chemicals makes the process that much more user-friendly and approachable.


Overall, Lime Crime is a tried and true brand that offers great quality and great creativity with their marketing and packaging, but it is all for a price. Yes, there are similar semi-permanent hair dyes out there for cheaper, but you get what you pay for. If you wanted to invest in a brand, “Unicorn Hair” would be worth trying to really invoke the fantasy child in all of us.

Flavio Maluf, The President Of An Environmentally Friendly Company

Eucatex Group of Companies is a very innovative firm. The company uses eucalyptus wood as the best form of business development. For the company, nothing thrills them more than acquiring the best form of scholarship. The company uses this type of wood to mate products like tiles and paints. While the company uses this material to develop home products, they also use them to promote construction products. For the past few years, the company has stayed ahead of the rest in conserving the environment. As a matter of fact, Eucatex Group of Companies has a working portfolio of more than five decades.


Eucatex Group of Companies also exports its products to overseas countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Flavio Maluf is the current president of Eucatex Group of Companies. He has worked to achieve better business development in the company. Since he commenced his management in the company, he revolutionized the management system of the firm. He is the man who introduced modernized management as the best way to foster productivity and innovation. This new management system allows for an advanced system of recapitulation where the members are accountable to their seniors.


While keeping the company on the map of the most environmentally conservative systems, he has innovated its business portfolio in a manner that does not depict the true nature of this industry. When Eucatex Group of Companies was founded in 1950, it started like any other startup businesses. However, the company designed a new system where they work to conserve the environment. During that time, few regulations were put in place to take care of the environment. For this reason, the company struggled to keep up with the trend in innovation and capacity. Eucatex Group of Companies has always been aware of the potential damage caused to the environment if they do not conserve the vegetation.


Flavio Maluf, one of the most respected business individuals in Brazil, has the necessary skills needed to run a multi-national corporation like Eucatex Group of Companies. His experience spans from production and trade to the actual management of a company of Eucatex Group of Companies’ caliber.