If you want to relax in a pool, pond, or lake and don’t feel like getting wet, there is a kid’s inflatable swimming pool that you can sit in and use as a floating island. Because the sides are high, you can bring along books to read and a towel to lay on. While you are in the pool with your inflatable kid’s pool, you might bring along a drink. You can create your own drink bar by getting two pool noodles, preferably different colors, and a plastic tub that is wider at the top than the bottom. Cut the noodles to the same length as the length of the tub. The idea is to create a border around the tub. Put some string through the holes of the noodles, using alternating colors. When the noodles are around the perimeter of the tub, tie a very tight knot so that the noodles do not come loose in the water. Next, add some ice and some cans or bottles of your favorite drink and you are set for the day.


Do you want to have smooth legs during the summer? All you do is mix three tablespoons of olive oil, two tablespoons of honey, and half a cup of sugar into a jar, mix it all together. Shave your legs the way you normally do and then apply the scrub. Wash it off and then shave your legs a second time.


Wengie has an idea for a getting a temporary tan. Mix some powdered cocoa with some body moisturizer. Put a thin coating on your skin and it will create a temporary tan. Using some baking soda and taking a shower will remove the tan. These are just some of the summer hack ideas that Wengie has in this video.




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