A Grand Adventure from Lovaganza

The world is a vast, complex place, with a truly spectacular range of unique and amazing cultures. It seems like an impossible feat to represent them in a form that encompasses all of them in a way that is spectacular, immersive, entertaining, all while doing all them justice. And yet, in 2020, Lovaganza will do just that.

Lovaganza is an entertainment company specializing in the new, increasingly impressive technologies available to filmmakers to present truly spectacular films with meaning. Currently, they are putting this to use with their newest campaign, called “Embarking on a Bohemian Adventure”, is an ambitious effort to show all the world’s culture through new glassesless 3D technology, their new Immerscope™ film viewing technology on designideas.pics, hands on exhibits and more. And, to top it off, it will take place eight cities around the world.

No, they will present so much more. A trilogy of films are currently being crafted for all audiences. These three films will debut in 2017, and will be shown in theaters all across the world. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. The innovative glassesless 3D technology that this group is making its signature will also be utilized in another way. Their trilogy, as well as a brief glimpse of their main show, will be presented in cities all around the world in the form of an elaborate, spectacular traveling show, giving audiences all around the world the opportunity to see just what this group has in store for them.

Lovaganza traveling show will feature live action film, animation, hands on exhibits and more, all showcasing the diverse cultures of the world, and will lead into their main show at the eight flagship locations.

And, if you have a busy schedule, fear not. For the grand festival that is the Bohemian Adventure on Tumblr, while time limited, has a running time of four months.

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