E-Governe System Spreading to More Brazilian Municipalities

E-Governe is an innovative information technology system that is presently being implemented by the Instituto Curitiba de Informatica (ICI). More and more public institutions and municipalities are beginning to realize the importance of implementing the efficient system to help them in their daily operations. So far, the cities of Teresina and Osasco are leading the pack.




The municipality of Teresina has agreed to participate in a training program that aims to accelerate the implementation of the e-governe system and its tools. According to Miguel Oliveira, the Teresina Data Processing Company President, several meetings with top representatives of Municipal Education Department, Municipal Finance Department, and Municipal Health Department have been held. The purpose was to discuss the way forward and come up with a framework for implementing and optimizing service delivery.


The first phase of the implantation process is directed towards the proper management of human resources. City Hall is also looking to expand the e-governe system to improve public service. Mayor Silvio Mendes knows the importance of ICI’s e-governe system and its relevance to Teresina. Some of the benefits to be realized after full implementation include speeding up the process of responding to population demands, quick identification of problems, analyzing suggestions, and monitoring services that are provided by the Teresina municipality.




Osasco is another municipality that is quickly implementing ICI’s e-governe system starting with its education department. The city signed a contract with ICI that will see the implementation of e-governe education in its school management system. Under the agreement, ICI has agreed to supply the required computer equipment, relevant inputs, and install a logical, electrical network for the municipality. It will also implement a much-needed call center that will be used by Osasco’s Municipal Education Department.


The new e-govern system is quickly taking root as evidenced by the high level of implementation by major cities. As the fifth largest Sao Paulo city, Osasco is proof that the system is useful and beneficial. The city has at least 700 thousand inhabitants and has the 23rd biggest GDP figure among all Brazilian Municipalities.


Osasco’s development is supported by trade companies, industries, and service providers. It has also attracted an influx of associations, businesses, and federations due to its thriving economy. Some of the big names operating or headquartered in the city include Federation of Trade Associations, Banco Bradesco, Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service, SENAI, Ponto Frio, SENAC, Submarino, The SBT, Sao Paulo State Industries Center, the Trade Board, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola.


The new e-governe education system will serve the city’s 138 schools as well as the headquarters of both Continuing Education Center and the Department of Municipal Education. The following are the expected advantages of the system:

  • It will provide information security, uniqueness, and integrity.
  • It Enables the real time issue of reports.
  • It is accessed over the Internet.
  • It avails shared reports when requested.
  • It eliminates or minimizes rework.
  • It controls access privileges set by system administrators by ensuring security levels are not breached.
  • It also provides flexibility and agility when opening and meeting units’ demands. https://www.facebook.com/pages/E-Governe/325368564267182

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